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The LEGO Group invites Chinese children to build their future city


From April 24th to 28th the children from the city of Jiaxing, China, are invited to use their imagination and build their vision of a future city using LEGO® bricks.

On April 27 the LEGO Group will celebrate the official start of the construction of the new LEGO Factory in Jiaxing, China. When fully operational in 2017 the factory is expected to employ more than 1500 people and manufacture high quality play materials for children in China and all of Asia.

In the days leading up to the event, thousands of children from Jiaxing are invited to come and play with LEGO® bricks at the Jiaxing Digital Library, No.339, Hai Yan Tang Road in the city of Jiaxing.
“We have found a great location for our new factory in Jiaxing. We want to play an active part in the local community wherever we operate and we look forward to engaging further with the local community here in Jiaxing. We hope the building event can inspire the children of Jiaxing to express their creativity and at the same it is a good way for us to introduce the products we will manufacture here in Jiaxing in the future” said Michael McNulty, Senior Vice President and General Manager for the LEGO Group’s Asia Manufacturing.

More than 500,000 bricks – and a LEGO designer

The event at the Jiaxing Digital Library will give more than 1,000 children an opportunity to build and create models using more than 500,000 LEGO bricks during the 4 days.

“We hope that it will attract many children from Jiaxing – and that it will engage their imagination and give them an opportunity to use LEGO bricks as a tool for communicating and expressing themselves. With LEGO bricks it is possible to build whatever you can imagine. It is a fun activity which at the same time is a way for children to learn different skills,” says Camilla Torpe, head of the Build the Change event.

The topic of the event is “Future city of Jiaxing”, and children can reflect over this theme and express their ideas for a future city.

“We will give the children a simple task: Build the city you would like to live in. What could playgrounds look like, what about factories – and how do you imagine houses in the future? We want to set free their imagination and inspire them to use their creativity,” says Camilla Torpe.

On the 26th of April, the building event at the library will receive a visitor from the LEGO Group's headquarters in Denmark, where more than 180 designers from 24 countries develop hundreds of new LEGO sets each year.

Danish LEGO designer Ricco Krogh will come to Jiaxing to take part in the building event and help children build the models. It is also possible for children and parents to see some of the products the designer has made and ask any questions they have about how LEGO products are developed.

• The event takes place from the 24th to the 28th of April (no event on the 27th) at No.339, Hai Yan Tang Road, Jiaxing City

• The event is free of charge

• On the 26th of April the event is open to the public – the other days are reserved for schools.

• There is no need to sign up for the event on the 26th

• Schools in Jiaxing are invited to take part in the building event on the other days

• At the event there will be more than 500,000 LEGO bricks

• The event opens officially on the 24th of April with participation of:

         Michael McNulty, Senior Vice President and General Manager for the LEGO Group's Asia Manufacturing 

         Richard Wong, Vice President and Vice General Manager for the LEGO Group's Asia Manufacturing