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Le Corbusier’s French masterpiece becomes a LEGO® Architecture model

Le Corbusier and his 20th century masterpiece Villa Savoye have joined the line-up of great modernist architects as part of the LEGO® Architecture range.

Villa Savoye was the culmination of the innovative architectural direction developed by Le Corbusier throughout the 1920s. It quickly became one of the most influential buildings in the International style of architecture and cemented Le Corbusier’s reputation as one of the most important architects of the 20th century.

The LEGO Architecture interpretation of Villa Savoye was created through a close co-operation between the German architect, Michael Hepp, and one of the LEGO Group’s most experienced model builders, Steen Sig Andersen. For Michael Hepp it proved an enjoyable but challenging task:

“Le Corbusier has always been an inspiration to me. His architecture is harmonious, well balanced and coherent. One of the great examples of this work – and one of my favourites – is Villa Savoye. It is closed and seemingly impregnable from the exterior, open and organic from the interior.”

“The biggest challenges working with this LEGO model construction were the pillars and complex roof design. When attempting to construct the roof elements, I was amazed yet again by Le Corbusier’s art. Nothing is coincidental and every change in his design principals led to imbalance and disharmony”.

Though a pioneer of modern architecture, Le Corbusier was more than just an architect. He was also a famous writer, painter, urbanist and designer of some of the most iconic furniture of the 20th century. In a career that spanned five decades he created a body of work that is still revered and respected today.

The LEGO 21015 Villa Savoye is available for purchase from September 1, in LEGO brand retail stores, LEGOLAND Stores, selected department and gift stores, and online at http://shop.lego.com/. The product is designed for ages 12+ and includes a booklet with facts and history about Villa Savoye. Recommended retail price is € 69,99.

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