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Nicholas Foo

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As the only Asia-based (Singapore) LEGO® Certified Professional, Nicholas Foo creates unique gifts using LEGO materials. By tailoring his creations to the individual needs of his clients, Nicholas creates memorable gifts that delight both the giver and receiver. A few of his notable creations include the iconic Merlion statue of Singapore, and a scaled Monkey bike model.

Building on his passion for the simplicity of the LEGO brick and the infinite possibilities it can create with imagination, Nicholas also enjoys the challenge of creating large scale sculptures and models for trade shows and charity events. Some examples of his large creations are a 1.65m tall Retro Rocket and a detailed 16,000 element minifig-scaled city.

Nicholas is the founder of Blackbulb, a company based on the values of creativity, fun and quality.

Website: www.blackbulbcreations.blogspot.com 
Email: blackbulb@yahoo.com