The Skeleton Dungeon

Small parts.

A skeleton dungeon filled with Minecraft® fun

Action-packed LEGO® Minecraft® set, with caves to explore, skeletons to battle and endless hands-on creative play.
Creative builds for gamers

Many ways for Minecrafters to play

Kids build, explore, battle and operate cool features, then reconfigure the set for their next Minecraft® adventure.

The Skeleton Dungeon

Trek across the dripstone cave

Journey through stalagmites and stalactites.

Set off a rockslide

Push the stalagmite and rocks crash down onto hostile mobs.

Descend into danger

Climb down the dripleaves into the foliage below.

Explore the lush cave

Navigate bushes, vines, water and sand.

Enter the skeleton dungeon

Operate the rotating spawner to reveal a new skeleton.

Classic Minecraft® adventure

Help the cave explorer take on the hostile skeletons.

Take Minecraft® gaming to another level

This real-world version of the game gives Minecraft® players everything they need for endless creative adventures.
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