Last Chance

Sports Center

Choking hazard.
Small parts and small balls.

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Meet the next generation of Heartlake City

Inspire kids to develop their passions as they explore the new world of LEGO® Friends with its diverse cast of characters.

Encourage their passion for sport

Kids who love sports can role-play different activities with this Sports Centre set, which includes players, balls and nets.

LEGO® Friends Sports Centre

Mini-doll holders

Place the characters in the holders to play and score.

Try a new sport

Swap the nets to switch from football, tennis or basketball.

Let’s get active!

Explore the gym, climbing wall and locker room.

Sports role play

Kids can explore creative storytelling with this set, which comes with football, basketball, tennis and climbing accessories.

A gift for young sports fans

Take the lead with this cool gift idea! This set makes a great choice for kids who love sports and friendship stories.
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