Last Chance

Hogwarts™ Desktop Kit

Small parts.

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Fuel a Harry Potter™ or design fan’s passion

Art and design fans get 5 cool LEGO® DOTS desk items to prep for back-to-school time and share a love of films in fun ways.

Assemble, then jump into endless designs

The included items can inspire kids with a passion for Hogwarts™ or art and design to explore more creative self-expression.

LEGO® DOTS Hogwarts™ Desktop Kit

Magical design possibilities

Kids can show a passion for Harry Potter™ in different ways.

Useful. Cute. Fun!

Stylish and functional items to use and decorate endlessly.

Easy-to-follow inspiration

Stretch kids’ creative design skills and boost confidence.

Unlimited personalisation

With 10 random Harry Potter™ deco tiles to elevate designs.

Hedwig™ helps tidy a desk

Store items in the Hedwig™ Pencil Holder (sold separately).

Show off Hogwarts™ style

Explore the Hogwarts™ Accessories Pack (sold separately).

Head back to school in magical Hogwarts™ style

Appeal to kids’ passion for creative building play with this set. Ready to assemble, decorate and make a statement.
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