Last Chance

Goomba’s Shoe Expansion Set

LEGO® Super Mario™LEGO® Super Mario™
Small parts.

Expansion Set for stomping, flipping fun

Bring more playful action to kids’ LEGO® Super Mario™ universe with this brick-built version of a Goomba’s Shoe.
Creative builds for gamers

Enemy-stomping play

Place an interactive figure (LEGO® Mario™, LEGO® Luigi™ or LEGO® Peach™ – not included) in the shoe to give them extra powers.

Goomba’s Shoe Expansion Set

Expanded play

A Starter Course (71360, 71387 or 71403) is needed for play.

Goomba LEGO® figure

Help an interactive figure (not included) defeat the Goomba.

Jump for rewards

Jump around in the shoe to earn digital coins.

The LEGO® Super Mario™ app

Download the app, which offers building instructions, creative inspiration and a safe platform for kids to share their ideas.

Combines with other LEGO® Super Mario™ sets

Children can add Goomba’s Shoe to the levels they create with other LEGO® Super Mario™ Expansion Sets (sold separately).
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