Eiffel tower

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Small parts.

“Breathe Paris in. It nourishes the soul.”

–Victor Hugo

Feed your wanderlust

Display your love of travel with an elegant conversation piece.

Recreate history in 4 parts

Build in a manner that matches the original's construction.

Faithfully geometric design

Details include arches, supports, cross bracing and railings.

View from the top

Upper portion features observation platforms and lifts.

Set the scene

Esplanade has Parisian lampposts, benches, trees and shrubs.

Towering achievement

Topped by the French flag, build is nearly 149 cm (5 ft) tall.

How to display massive LEGO® sets

Postcard from Paris

Captivate fans of travel, history or architecture with the new LEGO® Eiffel tower.

An awe-inspiring challenge

The jaw-dropping 10,001-piece Eiffel tower is the tallest LEGO® set yet.

Passport to the world

This classic Parisian landmark is the flagship model in the new LEGO® Travel and History series.
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