10 Best LEGO® Police Car Toys

The 10 Best LEGO® Police Car Toys

What’s your emergency? Bring justice to playtime with high-speed chases, rapid response teams and action-packed stories when you build the best police force around.

If your kids love police car toys, they need the fastest, sleekest, most feature-packed LEGO® sets – so we’ve put together ten of the force’s finest to tackle any crime, any time.

LEGO® City – Water Police Detective Missions

Take to the water for a high-speed police chase in the coolest mission speedboat around with our LEGO City Water Police Detective Missions set!

With this interactive LEGO set, kids aged 6+ get to play the leading role in their very own digital detective story, using real LEGO bricks to complete on-screen missions and put bad guys behind bars.

There’s a crooks’ cell and 4 fun minifigures along with the police boat, and plenty of exciting minifigure accessories to bring police play to life – including scuba gear, a magnifying glass, walkie-talkie, binoculars and handcuffs!

LEGO® City – Fire Rescue & Police Chase

Cops and firefighters join forces to capture crooks with this action-packed playset, featuring firefighter Bob from the LEGO City Adventures TV series.

Chase after the crooks’ getaway car on the cool police motorbike, and launch LEGO water splat elements from the fire drone to battle the LEGO flames! Just watch out for the toppling traffic light…

With plenty of fun details and 3 minifigures to inspire creative role-play, this LEGO City playset is guaranteed to fire up kids’ imaginations!

LEGO® City – Ice Cream Truck Police Chase

Catching the criminals is sweet! Bad guys Crook Ice and Crook Cream have pulled an ATM out of the wall and are getting away on their personalized ice cream truck. Send the LEGO City police officer minifigure into action in the high-speed interceptor and dodge the ice cream splats launched from the criminals’ truck.

Then deploy the tire shredders from the interceptor to freeze the crooks and put their schemes on ice!

Kids can recreate their favorite scenes from the LEGO City Adventures TV series or come up with their own stories for hours of imaginative fun.

LEGO® City – Police Chase at the Bank

Crime doesn’t pay – especially when Rooky Partnur and Sam Grizzled are on the case!

Crooks Betty, Hacksaw Hank and Vito are staging a raid on the city bank and pulling out all the gold through holes they’ve made in the wall. They even have a drone – but the LEGO City special forces are here to help, with a net-shooting helicopter and an armored truck ready to take the bad guys down.

The set features a cleaner’s truck that unfolds into a heist vehicle, as well as the police vehicles and a Road Plate system for connecting with other LEGO playsets, so kids can build their own massive city!

LEGO® City – Police Car

The bad guys will never get away when this car is in pursuit. With wide rims, flared fenders, cool headlights and maximum speed, the police are fully equipped for high-octane car chases across town.

The set comes with a police officer minifigure with his flashlight and police cap accessories, so kids can roleplay hours of awesome crime-fighting fun!

LEGO® City – Police Station

Head back to the station when the crime-fighting is done and kick back with the police dog on the obstacle course – until Daisy Kaboom crashes through the jail wall to free her trapped ally!

A lazy day turns into a chase with the helicopter and interceptor vehicle in pursuit of the customized garbage truck.

There are loads of features to explore in the three-level Police Station and loads of chases to play out with the three different vehicles and three minifigures straight out of the LEGO City Adventures TV series.

LEGO® City – Police Patrol Boat

You can’t escape justice – even on the ocean! This patrol boat is packed with great features like a detailed control station and a surveillance drone.

Kids can use the lever to release the diver and scuba scooter, and can shoot a net to catch the criminals trying to escape in their minisub.

The set comes with familiar faces from the LEGO City Adventures TV series, such as Gracie Goodhart, Frankie Lupelli and Hacksaw Hank, as well as a toy shark and a bank safe – so there are always more ideas for play!

LEGO® DUPLO® – My First Fire Helicopter and Police Car

Let your toddlers stop emergencies in their tracks with this heroic duo! As they build the helicopter and police car toy set, they’ll build their awareness of shapes and colors, and as they play out action scenes, they’ll grow their social and emotional skills as well.

The helicopter features a spinnable rotor while the car has wheels for push-along action. Kids can make their own siren noises for the police car toy with lights mounted on top as they rush to the crime scene, with whooshing noises for the helicopter take-off!

LEGO® City – Seaside and Police Fire Mission

Prepare for action on the water with both the police and fire teams! There’s a crook getting away in a speedboat with the gold, so put the police into action in their sea helicopter to chase them down!

The crook’s boat catches fire with flame elements to be attached – use the water shooter on the front of the fire dinghy to put it out, so the police can swoop in and grab the bad guy and bring him back to the police station. Put him back behind bars!

The set comes with four minifigures as well as a shark and a fish for lots of different stories – and the firefighter dinghy really floats!

LEGO® City – Police Prisoner Transport

Prisoners are on the move – but super-crooks Snake Rattler and Clara the Criminal have each other’s backs and are ready to break each other out.

This prisoner transport toy comes with two sticks of dynamite for seriously explosive cell-break action and the risk of the bad guys making a break for it. Kids can act out a whole prison escape!

Crooks are getting away with their tow-truck car and the jail cell! But Duke DeTain is on the case with his cool black police motorcycle, handcuffs and motorbike helmet accessories, so he’s equipped to catch both bad guys and lock them up.

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