In 2014, I got the idea to model the International Space Station using the LEGO® Digital Designer. Since I didn’t have the bricks to build it myself, I thought it would be cool if the LEGO Group would do that instead!

Meet the Fan Designer Christoph Ruge

Once it was ready, I set up an entry on LEGO® Ideas. The project was well appreciated in the community and had a good start. Nevertheless, it was a long way to reach 10,000 votes. That gave me time to build other space-related models and continue my research about the station itself. So, I refined my model over and over again.

In the end, it looked nothing like the first version I posted. I continued and didn’t stop, even after the project finally reached the goal and got reviewed by the LEGO Group.

All in all, I had worked for more than three years on the first model and probably knew everything about the space station at that time. This research and knowledge became very handy when the Women of NASA (21312) set came onto the market. That was the moment I got the idea to do another version of the space station in the same scale as the shuttle included in this set. So, I built a new model and set it up on LEGO ideas.

Again, it took a while to gather support and reach the review phase. Again, it got there. And again, it was rejected.

But then, I got news that my earlier model had passed the special anniversary review to celebrate the 10th anniversary of LEGO Ideas and that there would be a fan vote to determine which model would be built! That was very exciting.

I can be very resourceful in terms of being patient and waiting for something when I think it is a good idea…but I can be impatient as well. I think it is worth fighting for your dreams!
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International Space Station

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