Disney Frozen II

Reunite with your favorite characters from Frozen II

Get ready for an epic journey and reunite with Anna, Elsa and their trusted friends for new adventures.


Anna is still a lovable optimist, perfectly happy as long as her family is safe and well, and she doesn’t have to ever be alone again. But life has a way of making you confront your worst fears… Anna’s journey forces her to find the strength to stand strong and makes her realize that sometimes the only one who can help you… is you.


Magical, empowered and regal, Elsa is grateful to be accepted and works hard as Queen of Arendelle. But she can’t ignore the question that is deep inside her; why was she born with powers? When ancient magic reawakens, threatening her kingdom and those she loves, her curiosity is forced into action and her power is tested to the limits. Along the way, she will discover the life she was meant to live, but in doing so, risk losing everything, including herself.


Kristoff is ready to take the next steps with Anna, but after her disastrous relationship with Hans, she doesn’t want to rush things and she’s focused on making up for lost time with Elsa. But her sisterly loyalty also means she keeps putting herself in danger… and Kristoff will do anything not to lose her.


It’s been three years since Elsa made Olaf, and driven by his fascination and sense of wonder about life, he is collecting all kinds of interesting facts and trivia, some of it a bit peculiar…
As the new adventure begins, our lovable stop-and-smell-the-flowers guy has an important role to play.


Trusted reindeer Sven is still Kristoff’s best friend and the one he leans on to express his deepest thoughts and emotions. And Sven pulls through, not just as therapist, but as a true hero, proving once again that reindeer are better than people.

The Nokk

With the power of the ocean in the charge of a stallion, the Nokk is one majestic and awe-inspiring water spirit. A fierce warrior who guards the secrets of the forest, in order to get past the Nokk, one must prove themselves worthy… an almost impossible task.
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