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LEGO® City Advent Calendar

LEGO® City Advent Calendar451.
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Choking Hazard.
Small parts and Ball.
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Build up excitement to Christmas

An ideal gift for kids who love holiday surprises with a unique LEGO® City gift for each day leading up to Christmas.

24 make and keep presents

Buildable Advent gifts that last through the holidays-and beyond!
LEGO® City Advent Calendar

Fun winter and holiday gifts

From a snow fort to a Christmas tree and telescope.

Daily Advent delight

24 gifts for each day heading up to Christmas.

Celebrate in City style

More minifigures and scenes to role-play with.

24 holiday-themed building surprises

LEGO® City sets give young builders the opportunity to experience the joy of construction with these fast holiday builds.

Includes Santa and Advent family minifigures

Plus a husky figure, rocking chair, holiday table, snowboard, camera, side table and other accessories.

Give your child a fun way to get into the holiday spirit with the LEGO® City 60235 Advent Calendar playset. It has 24 different buildable presents, one for each day of the season, including a snowmobile, snow fort, curling set, fireplace, rocking chair, telescope and much more. This children's Advent Calendar includes 7 minifigures and a husky dog figure.

  • Includes 7 LEGO® minifigures (including Santa!) and a husky dog figure.
  • Features 24 different items including vehicles, seasonal items and minifigures.
  • Includes a snowmobile, snow fort, axe stand, curling set, cooking stove, fireplace, rocking chair, telescope, Advent Christmas tree, grandfather clock, dinner table, snow plow tractor, snowball catapult, sleigh, snowman and a cookie table.
  • Accessory elements include an axe, 2 snowballs, pie, sack with presents, opening book, pan, turkey leg, cookie, hot cocoa, salad leaf, broom, candle, cup of milk and a mug.
  • Open a new ‘door’ each day to reveal the day’s present.
  • Collect all the minifigures to add to your LEGO® City sets.
  • Celebrate the spirit of the season in LEGO® City with the newest Advent Calendar.
Building Instructions
LEGO® City Advent Calendar
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