Best Learning Toys for Toddlers

Best Learning Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are full of energy as they learn about the world. Lessons, where they sit still and memorize facts, just aren’t suited to their interactive, intuitive learning style. 

By learning through play, young children are able to build their fine motor skills and grasp new concepts faster and more instinctively – and have fun doing it! 

Turn education into playtime with these great sets designed to perfectly fit the hands of a toddler and get them started on their journey.

LEGO® DUPLO® – Alphabet Truck

It’s as easy as ABC to assemble this truck. Kids will love the brightly colored letter bricks and the happy little figures, including a boy and girl and an adorable teddy bear. 

They can roll the truck around on its wheels and then load and unload the toddler-friendly bricks to spell out simple words while building their knowledge of the alphabet. Then it’s time to load the bricks back on the truck!

LEGO DUPLO – Creative Animals

Help a toddler grow their creative side with this great brick set! They can build nine different animals from the instructions in the box or use a variety of different color shapes to create their own designs. 

With 175 pieces, there are loads to make or design, and as they put together recognizable animals, they’ll build both their emotional awareness and their familiarity with these amazing animals!

LEGO DUPLO – Animal Train

Take learning about animals on the go with this colorful train! There’s a panda, giraffe, tiger, and elephant to meet as they sit on their themed wagons and hurry on their way. 

Children will love playing and developing their fine motor skills with the animals including features like the giraffe’s wobbly neck while learning greater emotional awareness through interactive roleplay.

LEGO DUPLO – Number Train – Learn to Count

Number Train - Learn To Count

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It’s a countdown to fun! Help toddlers learn their numbers with this mathematical locomotive. There are blocks for numbers 0 through 9, and three LEGO DUPLO® figures including a cute dog to help them play. 

The colourful train is perfect for helping future mathematicians get to grips with the building blocks of all maths!

LEGO DUPLO – Deluxe Brick Box

Build up a toddler’s imagination with these LEGO DUPLO bricks in all shapes, sizes, and colors! They can put together a house with a window, load up a red car for a quick trip, assemble a slide for the figures to zip down or raise a tower with the number blocks. 

The possibilities are endless, and it’s a great way for young children to start learning about how to create their own ideas and discover what’s possible through play.

LEGO DUPLO – Creative Birthday Party

Celebrate birthdays in style with these colourful LEGO DUPLO bricks! There are balloons, watermelon, and cupcakes or ice cream builds to put together, and a pair of figures to attend the party. 

Build up clouds and presents, as well as numbers so toddlers can show off just how old they’re getting – while learning all about their numbers. 

Or they can take the set apart and build something totally unexpected to expand their imagination skills!

LEGO DUPLO – Happy Childhood Moments

Prepare young children for their first day of school and help them learn about Chinese and Lunar New Year culture with this two-in-one set! Help them build up one scene for the figures to explore and play around in, then take it apart and reconfigure it into the other in a few easy steps. 

This set is great for building their emotional capacity but also for helping to teach them cultural awareness, as well as getting them ready for when they’ll have to head off to full-time education.

LEGO DUPLO – Barn, Tractor & Farm Animal Care

Toddlers will love to learn about all the different animals on a farm with this set! Make noises for the cows, dogs, pigs, sheep, horses, and chickens to help them engage with the figures, then roll out the tractor for farm roleplay that’ll build their emotional abilities. 

There are also loads of accessories around the farm for all sorts of playtime adventures, from realistically textured hay bales to feeding troughs and food for the hungry farmers.

LEGO DUPLO – Amusement Park

Get things moving with this highly interactive amusement park! Toddlers can practise their fine motor skills and start getting an idea of how things move with this amusement park packed with loads of accessories and functionality.

The Ferris wheel revolves all the way round, lifting the teddy bear and figures to the top and back to the ground, while the merry-go-round spins in circles. Drive the train to the slides and let the figures whoosh down before they go and pick up a hot dog or ice cream!

LEGO DUPLO – Modular Playhouse

Take fun to the next level by building this modular playhouse! Kids can start by learning about everyday life like cooking, and mealtime in the kitchen downstairs, then stack up a bedroom and bathroom on top to learn about settling down at night. 

Or they can reconfigure the house into a bungalow with everything on the ground floor, or into a huge vertical tower to take playtime to new heights!

LEGO DUPLO – Horse Stable and Pony Care

Build emotional awareness in toddlers with these cute horses that need taking care of. Lead them out with carrots and the hay bales, then sweep out the stables with the broom accessory. 

Brush down the horses and take them out for a ride! Then it’s time to take them back for a well-earned rest and a drink from the trough.

LEGO DUPLO – Space Shuttle Mission

T-minus 10 to playtime! Take off into a world of learning with this shuttle ready to lift off from the launchpad and head into space. 

There are two astronauts who can fit inside the shuttle to command the mission, and one has a wrench to make final adjustments. 

Introduce young kids to the world of STEM with this scientific adventure!

LEGO® Education – My XL World

LEGO® Education My XL World

Price329,99 €
With 480 colourful pieces, this set is great for older toddlers to start learning about the world around them through role play, building activities and sharing as they play with other children.Building possibilities are endless straight out of the box. Whether it’s a submarine or a plane, or something more imaginative such as a mobile building or a whole community. This set is great for encouraging creativity and sharing in children, and is perfect for group play!
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