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Create your LEGO® DOTS world!

Share a world full of creativity and self-expression with LEGO® DOTS craft kits. Kids can design and decorate their own unique bracelets and assemble and decorate a range of useful desk accessories for their rooms. The creative possibilities are endless with these clever arts-and-crafts sets. Boys and girls can give their imagination free rein and express themselves any way they wish.

Express yourself in 3D

Try our online DOTS Decorator!

Add an ap-peeling organizer to your desk

Peel into some personalized self-expressive fun with this cute pen holder! Assemble the holder and start decorating. Make a happy banana with bright colors or a grumpy banana covered in spots. Follow the included inspiration or come up with your own patterns and designs. It’s an open-ended canvas for your imagination. LEGO® DOTS sets leave the magic and control up to you!

Share a candy-colored world of design fun

Show off the sweet, quirky side of you with this cool bracelet and bag tag set! On the bracelet, use the pastel-colored tiles, plus candy swirl- and sprinkle-decorated tiles to express any mood or feeling. Do the same with the bag tag, adding perky ears and bright colors to fit your style and fashions. Share who you are, anywhere!

One for the experts…

Take your arts and crafts skills to the next level! Get a sense of the endless artistic possibilities of the new LEGO® DOTS Creative Designer Box, as shown off by our fabulous set designers Chiara and Frédéric – as well as artist Rachel Burke!

Ready for take-off?

Join our very own design gurus Diego and Fiorella as they imprint their unique creativity on our new, rocket-themed LEGO® DOTS Pencil Holder! After seeing how our official designers take on the creative challenge of LEGO DOTS, how do you think you would do it differently?

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Make It, Give It!

LEGO® DOTS arts and crafts sets make great personalized, unique gifts for any gift-giving occasion!

Playing the LEGO® DOTS way!

Fast, easy, bite-sized play! Click the button to see the steps for making a one-of-a-kind bracelet or useful desk accessory piece. Quick, enjoyable arts-and-crafts projects that give kids an immediate sense of accomplishment and pride in what they’ve made. From bracelets to the plates to the LEGO® DOTS tiles, they fit together in a snap!

More than just cool toys

There are loads of benefits when kids get creative at home with LEGO® DOTS craft sets. From building confidence in their own design skills, to the joy of evolving creativity, DOTS desk accessories and bracelet sets let boys and girls explore the freedom and possibilities of imaginative play!

Express yourself with LEGO® DOTS sets!

Creative LEGO® DOTS crafts sets give kids unlimited opportunities to express every and any side of their personality. From cool bracelets that range from cute and colorful to bold, empowering and adventurous, to desk accessories that can match a child’s room decor and be redecorated at any time, to fit any mood or style they like. DOTS arts-and-crafts kits let children stretch their imagination and have fun with self-expression, encouraging them to take chances and try something new while expressing their feelings through free, playful creativity.

Set your inner creativity free!

LEGO® DOTS arts-and-crafts sets let kids design the way they want! Check it out – select a bracelet and create your own style.
  • Start with a canvas

    The bracelets or room decor plates are easy to lay out, then the included patterns can be used to jump-start your child’s creativity.
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There are no limits here!

LEGO® DOTS arts-and-crafts sets give kids limitless chances for self-expression!