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Arctic Expedition Toys | LEGO City

LEGO City Arctic Expedition

The ultimate adventure for kids who love to explore and be a hero! The LEGO City Arctic Expedition theme starts a daring adventure where children can make scientific discoveries in the ice, build awesome and detailed vehicles to conquer the snow, and roleplay being brave explorers. Inspire their imagination and feed their love of building!

Inside Arctic Expedition

What will your young explorer encounter in LEGO City Arctic Expedition? With vehicles like the Ice Crawler and Scout Truck, trekking over miles of ice terrain is easy, and LEGO® animal elements like Husky dogs and Polar Bears will make them feel like they’re really in the Arctic. Kids can also analyze a fossilized Mammoth in the mobile lab or take to the skies in the Quadrocopter. Brave scientific and explorer minifigures provide plenty of characters for every arctic adventure they build.

LEGO® Kids Imagination Simulator

Rediscover the joy of imaginative play right alongside your child! The LEGO® Kids Imagination Simulator takes you into the minds of your child where exciting, unexpected possibilities are endless. Check out this inspirational video and remember the magic of imagination!

LEGO City Arctic Expedition sets

Arctic inspirational videos and facts

Inspire your kids with these National Geographic Arctic explorer videos and facts

How to poop in the Arctic

How and where do the brave explorers in LEGO® Arctic Expedition use the toilet? Watch this fun clip featuring real-life National Geographic Arctic explorer Mike Libecki to find the answer!

Could mammoths come back to life?

Real-life National Geographic Arctic explorers like Mike Libecki can find fossils in the Arctic just like the Wooly Mammoth in these sets. Watch this clip to learn more about whether or not science can bring back an extinct animal species using preserved remains.

What to do if you meet a Polar Bear

If you saw a Polar Bear in real life, how would you react? Check out real-life National Geographic Arctic explorer Mike Libecki to see how he interacts with the animals he encounters in the Arctic. Watch it and get inspired to roleplay fun Arctic adventure scenarios!

All Day Long, All Night Long!

Due the Earth’s tilt, for one day per year there’s an entire day of darkness in the Arctic — and also a full day of sunshine.

Where is the Arctic?

The Arctic isn’t just one small area, the Arctic includes the Arctic Ocean and parts of Canada, Russia, the USA, Greenland, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland.

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