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LEGO® City: Let's Make Awesome

In the best cities, you never know what’s around the corner. Could be a doctor, fire chief or clown. Perhaps in a helicopter, crane or limo! In LEGO® City, it might just be all of them...

Why Make Normal?

LEGO City sets don’t just ask kids to just recreate the world. They help them understand it, to make something awesome…

From spacewalks to wildlife rescues

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Double Loop Stunt Arena

No city is perfect. Not even a LEGO® City…

Don’t panic. But a daring heist is being performed by crooks in that… ice cream van? Can they even do that?! They can if your kid says so!

Justice from Above

These frozen-dairy-lovin’ robbers forgot one teeny tiny thing: that awesome new police helicopter. You can’t escape the chunky arm of the law...

Another day over. Now… what about tomorrow?

With sets designed to inspire endless possibilities, there’s always a new story waiting in LEGO® City. Say… can that clown drive an ambulance?

Your LEGO® City Guide

Look who’s backflipping into the City…

The daredevil motorcycle Stuntz crew have descended in town with more tricks than a magician’s suitcase!

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School’s IN

It’s not every day you drive TV stars to school, as here with LEGO® City Adventures’ Billy and Maddy (though this bus probably won’t drive to school every day…)
Imagine if...
… there was a place where any passion or weird idea was welcomed. We’d probably call it something like “LEGO® City” and use it to test this Random Idea Generator...

What’s going down in town?

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