The Ruined Portal


Retired product

Small parts.
Building Instructions

Real-world action for Minecraft® players

This buildable, hands-on version of a popular Minecraft® environment is packed with cool features and familiar mobs.

Authentic details to inspire imaginations

Take Minecraft® players’ creative construction into another dimension with this LEGO® Minecraft® set.

The Ruined Portal

A thrilling Minecraft® mission

Repair a ruined portal by mining obsidian rock.

Hands-on action

A lever activates the perilous, interdimensional gateway.

Creative crafting

Players mine gold to create the ultimate armour for Steve.

Reconfigures for inventive fun

This versatile LEGO® Minecraft® set can be rebuilt and rearranged for endless play-and-display possibilities.

Iconic Minecraft® characters

Kids explore play possibilities with popular Minecraft® character Steve and a baby sheep, baby hoglin and a wither skeleton.
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