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Police Station Chase


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Limit 2
Small parts.
Building Instructions

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Police station playset

Introduce children aged 4+ to a world of imaginative play with this LEGO® City Police Station Chase set.

Designed for little LEGO® builders

Kids get a head start with easy-build modular LEGO® pieces and a pre-moulded Starter Brick to build from.

Police Station Chase

Police station

Station features a raisable barrier, an office and a jail.

Includes 2 vehicles

The set comes with a police car and a getaway motorbike.

Jailbreak action

Kids attach the chain to activate the jailbreak function.

First steps to building success

Help your preschooler learn to build with LEGO® bricks – a great way for kids to develop confidence and key life skills.

Play-inspiring characters

Kids get to play out exciting stories with 2 police officer and 2 crook minifigures, plus a dog figure.
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