For grown-ups



    This robot will teach you all about robot sports (it’s as fun as it sounds…) Together, you’ll become the absolute masters of trick shots!



        Gelo’s unique mechanism allows it to walk on its legs just like a dog, avoid obstacles in its path and even perform a bunch of awesome tricks!

        Meet GELO


          Ever danced with a robot? Or given one a high five? You will have done when you first meet cheeky Charlie!

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            Is it a buggy? Is it a crane? Is it a mobile shooting turret? No… Well, actually yes… it’s all those things and a whole lot more!

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              Who better to protect your room from intruders than the dart-shooting, hammer-swinging, action hero of robots?

            LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Videos

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                The self-driving serpent

                This amazing 51 in. (130 cm) long robotic snake was created by Anton Vanhoucke. It can detect obstacles and autonomously move around without ever getting stuck. Check out the video to see how it can imitate the real movement of a snake!

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                  Adventures of the deep

                  Explore the magical underwater world made by Anika Vuurzoon. Would you like to swim with dolphins? Be on the submarine rescue mission? Or you are more the underwater scooter type, who likes to explore the bottom of the sea?

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                    Building a racing icon

                    Enter the world of Formula 1™ with a MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor racecar! This Formula 1 version was built by Ahmad Sahar with the bricks from the Robot Inventor set. He shaped his robot into a working racecar, programmed it and used remote control to drive it around.

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                      AWESOME LEGO® Robots

                      Kids and robots meet at the ultimate LEGO® event: LEGO World in Denmark!

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                        LIVE: Robots and machines at LEGO® World!

                        Impressive! Can you spot the COOLEST contraptions at the booth?

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                          Robotic foosball fun

                          Look at this incredible foosball model, created by LEGO® MINDSTORMS® fan Nard Strijbosch. It’s programmed to beat you as many times as possible, so winning is difficult! ⚽

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                            Up for an Easter challenge?

                            We have heard that Charlie is exceptionally good at sorting LEGO® eggs! Created by Dave Parker.

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                              LEGO® MINDSTORMS® celebrates the holidays with you

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                                #4. ROBOT MAK3R STUDIO introduces: DINOR3X

                                Walk that R3X! DINOR3X is one of several robots you can build from the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 set. It walks on all four and it really likes LEGO Technic ‘biscuits’.

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                                  Mindstorms® Inventors: The Famous Robot Artist

                                  To celebrate the launch of new LEGO MINDSTORMS® we have created some fun videos for you. Watch Iori and Sheon making their own LEGO MINDSTORMS® Robot Artist. What would your robot draw?

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                                    #3. ROBOT MAK3R STUDIO introduces: KRAZ3

                                    KRAZ3 is able to tell you the color of the surface it drives over. It’s built from LEGO® MINDSTORMS®. In this fun video you can see how it was made!

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                                      Tick, tock, cuckoo!

                                      Check out the reveal of the winning remix of LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 (31313) and LEGO Technic Heavy Lift Helicopter (42052) sets! It ticks, tocks and goes ‘cuckoo’ every 15 minutes.