Meet Jack Davids (13)

Middle-school student by day, Newbury’s self-admitted-close-second-best-ghost-hunter-right-after-Parker* by night, and a live-streamer round the clock. (Make sure you like and subscribe!) It turns out, Jack’s vlog is actually the perfect cover for our team of ghost-hunting heroes because everyone assumes the ghosts are animated. But if Jack is serious about attracting enough subscribers to get his coveted Sapphire Play Button and work with his idol, Rami – and he is – he may have to choose his battles wisely. * Well, it’s because there was this one time, he ran out of battery in the middle of a ghost battle. And then there was that other time when he didn’t realize Parker was gloomed because he was so preoccupied with live view counts. So… still, second-best! Yay!

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