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LEGO® Batman™ is back in black. Meet him, THE JOKER™, Catwoman™ and all the others from THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE, watch videos and find the latest sets.

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      Two-Face™ Double Demolition

      Two-Face™ is demolishing everything in his way with his awesome excavator. Jump into the cockpit of the Batcycle with Batman™ and race to stop him—you must get there fast before the GCPD officers get lifted up in the giant bucket! Just like Two-Face himself, the excavator has a ‘good side' and a ‘bad side'. Swerve the dangerous spikes on the wheels on the bad side and dodge the 6-stud rapid shooter. Fire back with the Batcycle's rotating double stud shooter and rotating flick missile shooter! Beware of Two-Face’s tommy gun and take down that Super-Villain with Batman’s 2 Batarangs!

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        El Dorado

        The mysterious El Dorado is one of the most enigmatic members of the Justice League. He can teleport himself and other objects by wrapping them in his cape, and create illusions of solid light to trick and trap his foes. He might also have super strength, laser eye beams, or possibly telepathy. No one knows exactly how he got his mighty powers, and El Dorado isn’t saying. Maybe he likes keeping it a secret…or maybe it’s just that nobody has asked him yet. Bat-Fact: I found El Dorado once. The legendary long-lost city of gold, not the guy.

        Meet El Dorado

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          The Ultimate Batmobile

          The Bat-Signal’s light brick is illuminated so team up with Batman™, Robin™, Batgirl™ and Alfred Pennyworth™ (in Batsuit) to save the day! Drive The Ultimate Batmobile into battle against the Wicked Witch of the West and the Flying Monkeys, and ambush the enemy by splitting it into 4 awesome vehicles: the Batmobile, Bat-Tank, Batcycle and Batwing! Fire the Batmobile's 4 stud shooters and the Bat-Tank's 2 hidden 6-stud rapid shooters! Speed through the Gotham City streets on the Batcycle and attack Polka-Dot Man’s flying disc with the Batwing’s 2 spring-loaded shooters. Those shocked Super-Villains won’t know what’s hit them!


            The Riddler™

            Edward Nigma’s only super-power is his brilliant mind, which he uses to come up with mind-bending puzzles to taunt the Gotham City police as they try to guess where and when he’ll commit his next crime. Fortunately, Batman’s knowledge of useless trivia is second to none, making the Dark Knight Detective the perfect hero to put together the clues and stop The Riddler’s ridiculous riddle rampage. Bat-Fact: Uses too many question marks in his writing.

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              THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

              Arkham Asylum

              Batman™ is sure The Joker™ is up to no good so defy Barbara Gordon’s warnings and enter the huge Arkham Asylum! Dash past the police car and through the x-ray security scanner at the entrance. Sneak past the GCPD officers, the head of the ward Aaron Cash and Dr. Harleen Quinzel™. Watch out for the inmates exercising in the yard or eating in the canteen. Track down The Joker and send him far away to the Phantom Zone with the Phantom Zone Projector!

              • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                Flying Monkeys

                Back in the faraway land of Oz, the Wicked Witch had a legion of winged monkeys to carry out her wicked will. Now that she’s free in Gotham City, her simian minions have been unleashed once more to wreak havoc and cause mischief wherever they fly. Completely loyal, they obey the commands of their mistress without question, and also without much brainpower. When the weather forecast calls for flying monkeys, remember to pack an umbrella! Bat-Fact: More dangerous than flying hamsters, less dangerous than flying snake-clowns.

                • 70900

                  THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                  The Joker™ Balloon Escape

                  The Joker™ has planted a bomb at the Gotham City Energy Facility! Team up with Batman™ to intercept him before he blows up the power plant. Dispose of the bomb safely, but watch out—The Joker is putting on his balloon backpack and launching his escape. Aim the grappling gun and take down that grinning Super-Villain!

                  • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                    Gentleman Ghost

                    Unlike other Super-Villains who may dress up as phantoms, the Gentleman Ghost is a genuine specter, the spirit of the 19th-century robber and highwayman Jim Craddock. Thanks to his ghostly powers, he can walk through walls and become invisible, move instantly from one place to another, and create a spooky sensation of chilling cold. Yikes! Bat-Fact: A tricky guy to catch, but vulnerable to the Nth metal that Hawkgirl uses in her costume and weapons.

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                      THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                      The Riddler™ Riddle Racer

                      The Riddler™ and Kite Man™, Magpie™ and Calendar Man™ are causing chaos at the Gotham City Energy Facility. Team up with Batman™ to take them all on! Beware of the Riddle Racer’s flip-up spring-loaded shooters. Evade the dynamite thrown by Magpie. Dodge Kite Man's swoops from the sky. Then fight back with Batman's Batarang and capture those Super-Villains!

                      • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE


                        What can you say about Superman that hasn’t already been said by every newspaper, TV news show, podcast and blog around? He’s the world’s greatest Super Hero, with powers that include super-strength, flight, invulnerability, heat vision, X-ray vision, freezing breath, super-ventriloquism, and a whole lot more. He may have originally come from Krypton, but no hero has saved the Earth more times. He’s friendly, kind, generous and humble…not to mention Batman’s main rival and possible arch-enemy! Bat-Fact: His biggest power is somehow making that red cape not look goofy. No, I take it back. It does look goofy.

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                          THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                          Bane™ Toxic Truck Attack

                          Bane™ is causing chaos in the city with his powerful 6x6 Toxic Truck. Fly to the rescue with Batman’s Whirly-Bat. Move fast to dodge the truck’s 6-stud rapid shooter and toxic bombs thrown by Bane. Fend off Mutant Leader’s torch and fight back with the Batarang. Bane is wearing his Venom backpack for added power—take him down before he drops the truck's huge toxic tank and stop Mutant Leader™ activating the toxic waste explode function!

                          • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                            Kite Man

                            Kite Man calls himself the master of kites. He wears a picture of a kite on his costume, uses kites for all of his super-villain tools and weapons, and even flies with the help of a giant kite when committing minor robberies and being a general nuisance. Although he’s surprisingly nimble in the air, it’s usually pretty easy to defeat him by just poking a hole in his kite. Bat-Fact: Once beat Batman. Batman doesn’t like to talk about it.

                          THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE Characters

                            • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                              The Penguin™

                              If a crime in Gotham City involves either birds or umbrellas, you can be sure that The Penguin™ is the culprit. An oddball crook indeed, Oswald Cobblepot likes to think of himself as both a criminal mastermind and a sophisticated gentleman, leading him to don a top hat and tuxedo for most of his schemes. His infamous trick umbrellas contain a variety of gadgets that range from flamethrowers to helicopter blades.Bat-Fact: No idea how he gets that monocle to stay in place.

                              • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                Commissioner Gordon

                                Jim Gordon has devoted his entire life to serving and protecting the people of Gotham City. Starting as a simple beat cop, he worked his way up to detective, and finally to Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department. After a long and celebrated career of cooperation with the city’s top Super Hero, Jim is finally ready to retire and go on a South African jungle safari but he feels confident in leaving the job in his daughter’s capable hands. Bat-Fact: Has had the same mustache since childhood.

                                • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                  Arkham Asylum Riddler

                                  Edward Nigma’s only super-power is his brilliant mind, which he uses to come up with mind-bending puzzles to taunt the Gotham City police as they try to guess where and when he’ll commit his next crime. Fortunately, Batman’s knowledge of useless trivia is second to none, making the Dark Knight Detective the perfect hero to put together the clues and stop The Riddler’s ridiculous riddle rampage. Bat-Fact: Uses too many question marks in his writing.

                                  • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE


                                    Once an actor on the edge of obscurity, Basil Karlo was exposed to an experimental chemical compound that transformed him into the shape-changing Clayface. While his body may resemble a monstrous mass of mud-like clay, he can twist and reshape it to form weapons and other objects, and even imitate the appearances of other people. You never know when the ordinary minifigure next to you might be Clayface in disguise! Bat-Fact: Once played every role in a production of Shakespeare’s “Macbrick”…badly.

                                    • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                      Wonder Dog

                                      Every good super-team should have an animal sidekick, and Wonder Dog is the Justice League’s. This crime-sniffing canine may not have any significant super-powers (beyond the ones a regular dog has, anyway), but when it’s time for the League to party down, he puts his paws up on the turntables and mixes up a mean beat as the world’s most doggedly good DJ! Bat-Fact: I’ve been thinking about getting a dog. I’ll bet he’d be a real ace at helping me catch Catwoman.

                                      • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE


                                        Boo! Were you scared? The Scarecrow sure hopes so. Dr. Jonathan Crane was so interested in studying the effects of fears and phobias that he decided to put on a creepy scarecrow costume and be a super-villain. The fear gas that he uses makes people imagine that their greatest fears have come to life, leaving them helpless until it wears off. Bat-Fact: The Scarecrow’s biggest fear? Getting caught by Batman again.

                                        • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE


                                          Calling himself the world’s smartest criminal, the dome-headed Super-Villain known as Egghead incorporates eggs into all of his soft-boiled schemes. Although he may seem slightly cracked, he is a master of mechanical devices, even building his own egg-shaped, egg-launching mech powered by an ingenious chicken-and-egg engine on its back. He is also very fond of eggy puns. Bat-Fact: Hey, Egghead, want to know how Batman likes his eggs? Scrambled.

                                          • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                            Dick Grayson

                                            Sometimes a celebrity billionaire who’s trying to show off at a big gala event accidentally adopts an orphan kid. It probably happens all the time, right? Well, Dick Grayson is that kid, and he can’t believe his good luck in getting a cool new dad like Bruce Wayne, with a huge empty mansion and his own personal butler. He can’t wait to find out all about his brand-new family and for his first family photo! Bat-Fact: Might have some circus training or something?

                                            • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                              GCPD 3

                                              When Super Villains run amok in Gotham City, this Gotham City police officer is on the job. Keeping constantly in communication with his fellow officers via his official GCPD walkie-talkie, he races to the scene at top speed and carefully places safety barriers down to keep civilians away from the danger. Then all he has to do is stand back and wait for Batman™­ to show up and defeat the bad guy! Bat-Fact: I like this guy. He stops people from taking selfies with me while I’m fighting crime.

                                              • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                Raging Batsuit

                                                Night-stalking crime-fighting vigilante. A heavy metal rapping machine. Super Hero. Master Builder. Batman is all of those and so much more. Equipped with a utility belt packed with Batarangs, grappling-guns and other inventions, and backed up by a Batcave full of cutting-edge vehicles and batsuits, Batman has sworn to forever defend the citizens of Gotham City against crooks and super-villains. Batman ALWAYS works alone. He’s also got a really sweet music career going, thanks for asking. Bat-Fact: Batman thinks his roommate, Bruce Wayne, is a super-cool guy.

                                                • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                  Mr. Freeze™

                                                  A cryogenic experiment gone wrong permanently lowered Dr. Victor Fries’s body temperature, turning him into the sub-zero super-villain Mr. Freeze. Forced to wear a special suit to survive, the cold-hearted and nearly emotionless crook uses his scientific skills and freeze gun to bring a chill to Gotham City wherever he goes. Good thing Batman is always there to bring the heat! Bat-Fact: Originally called himself “Mr. Zero,” but thought it didn’t sound cool enough.

                                                  • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE


                                                    He may look a little silly, but this super-villain’s powers pack a real kick! Zebra-Man’s body was irradiated by super-science, giving him both a wild pattern of stripes and the ability of diamagnetism. Now he can use his control belt to attract and repel any non-metallic objects without touching them, giving him what could literally be described as animal magnetism! (And also wood magnetism, plastic magnetism, water magnetism…) Bat-Fact: When a whole herd of zebras are standing together, their stripes make them difficult to count.

                                                  Check out THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE sets

                                                    • 70918

                                                      THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                      The Bat-Dune Buggy

                                                      Jump into the cockpit of the THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE 70918 Bat-Dune Buggy with Batman™! Power over bumps in the road and into battle with Captain Boomerang™. Steer clear of his boomerang attacks and fire back with the stud shooters. Then leap out of the Buggy and attack with Batman's Batarangs!

                                                      • 70909

                                                        THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                        Batcave Break-in

                                                        The Penguin™ has broken in on his Duckmobile and is about to uncover all of Batman’s secrets! Transform from Bruce Wayne™ into Batman™. Find the intruders on the Batcomputer screens in the rotating control center. Select the Scu-Batsuit, Raging Batsuit or The Bat-Pack Batsuit from the wardrobe and get ready for battle! Attack with the Batboat's spring-loaded missiles and stud shooters and steer clear of the Duckmobile's weapons. Capture the penguin invaders in the prison cell… but watch out, they could explode their way out again!

                                                        • 70901

                                                          THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                          Mr. Freeze™ Ice Attack

                                                          Dash to Gotham City Energy Facility with Batman™ to intercept Mr. Freeze™ in his mighty Exosuit. Thaw the ice prison with Batman’s flamethrower to release the trapped security guard, then face-off against the Super-Villain. Dodge blasts from the Exosuit's freeze gun, and put the heat on with Batman's flamethrower. Only Batman can save the day!

                                                          • 70916

                                                            THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                            The Batwing

                                                            Cruise in flight mode with Batman™ and Robin™ at the controls of the powerful Batwing. But watch out—Harley Quinn™ is shooting her rapid-fire cannon and trying to take you down. Fire the spring-loaded shooters and disc shooters. Then flip the wings into landing mode and take the battle to the city streets. Release the car from the back of the Batwing and drive after Harley. Beware of her hammer attacks and strike back with Batman's Batarang. You must capture this Super-Villain before she causes even more chaos!

                                                            • 70922

                                                              THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                              The Joker™ Manor

                                                              The Joker™ has taken over Gotham City and jokerized Wayne Manor to turn it into THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE 70922 The Joker Manor! Break into the huge building with Batman™, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth™ (in his classic Batsuit) and Nightwing™. Dodge the punching boxing gloves and the giant The Joker head's trapdoor and slide. Defeat The Joker and Harley Quinn™ and win back control. Then make Batman's favorite lobster thermidor in the microwave, watch a romantic DVD, play the guitar, have a swimor go for a ride on the rollercoaster!

                                                              • 70902

                                                                THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                                Catwoman™ Catcycle Chase

                                                                Catwoman™ has robbed the jewelry store and is about to get away on her powerful Catcycle. Rush to the scene of the crime with Batgirl™ and Robin™ to intercept her. Watch out for Catwoman’s lashing whip and the falling lamppost she knocks over with her bike. Attack with Batgirl's Batarangs and leap off the roof of the store onto the Catcycle with Robin. Capture this Super-Villain and return the jewels!

                                                                • 70923

                                                                  THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                                  The Bat-Space Shuttle

                                                                  Get set for a thrilling space mission in THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE 70923 The Bat-Space Shuttle! Prepare with Batman™ and Dick Grayson™ in the Batcave—and watch out for Super-Villain Catwoman™ who is trying to sneak in on the action. Row around the Batcave in the Bat-Kayak. Choose a funky outfit from the sliding costume rail—will you go for the Reggae Man Batsuit, Space Batsuit or Firestarter Batsuit? The choice is yours. Grab a Batarang from the weapon rack, jump in the shuttle cockpit and launch into orbit. Detach the massive triple-boosters, land on the moon and then go exploring with the Bat-Moon Buggy!

                                                                  • 70919

                                                                    THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                                    The Justice League™ Anniversary Party

                                                                    Join in the fun at the THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE 70919 Justice League™ Anniversary Party… just don’t tell Batman™! Place the needle on the records with Wonder Dog™ in the DJ booth. Go for a spin on the rotating dance floor with Superman™. Fly around the room with Hawkgirl™ and dance till you drop with El Dorado™ and Green Arrow™!

                                                                    • 70905

                                                                      THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                                      The Batmobile

                                                                      Jump into the Batmobile with Batman™ and Robin™. Set the wheels to race mode and zoom away. Flip into monster truck mode to smash through any obstacle. When the Super-Villains are in sight, fire the stud shooters. Then screech to a stop, pop off the roof of the dual cockpit and take the battle to the ground. Dodge the Kabuki Twins' dangerous claws, evade dynamite thrown by Man-Bat™ and capture them all. Celebrate with the Batman Merch gun as you cruise through Gotham City and then switch to parallel-parking mode to squeeze into the tightest spots!

                                                                      • 70906

                                                                        THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                                        The Joker™ Notorious Lowrider

                                                                        The Joker™ is bouncing around Gotham City with Harley Quinn™ committing crimes wherever they go. Catch up with his Notorious Lowrider with Batgirl™, but beware of the hidden shooters in the trunk. Chase down Harley when she jumps off the side of the crazy car and tries to skate away. Capture this creepy pair before they cause any more chaos!

                                                                        • 70907

                                                                          THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                                          Killer Croc™ Tail-Gator

                                                                          Killer Croc™, Zebra-Man™ and Tarantula™ are escaping from Gotham City’s harbor. Power across the water by the docks and fire the Batski’s stud shooters. Swerve the Tail-Gator’s crate bombs and Tarantula’s sai. Overtake and then take the battle to the land with Batman's Batarang. Round up those crooks before they commit more crimes!

                                                                          • 70904

                                                                            THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                                            Clayface™ Splat Attack

                                                                            Clayface™ has crashed Commissioner Gordon’s retirement party and is shooting clay all over the place! Speed to the scene with Batman™ and face down the powerful Super-Villain. But watch out—Clayface is armed with 6-stud rapid shooters and a clay hammer. Dodge the shots and clay splats, and fight back with the Batarang. Then free Mayor McCaskill from the clay prison and help her to safety!

                                                                          Watch THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE videos

                                                                            • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                                              LIVE Unbox and Build with LEGO Batman Movie Designers

                                                                              LEGO Batman Designers Joe & Mike recorded this special live Mr Freeze Ice Attack unboxing and Q&A. Building the set and answering questions from our amazing fans.

                                                                              • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                                                Behind the Scenes Tour!

                                                                                Ever wonder what goes into making a LEGO® TV commercial? Get a behind the scenes look of the recent LEGO Batman commercial and go on set to meet the LEGO Batman Movie team!

                                                                                • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                                                  LEGO® Batman™ Building challenge

                                                                                  Watch the video then take something that's really boring in your house and make it more AWESOME with LEGO® Batman™ and your LEGO collection!

                                                                                  • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                                                    The LEGO® Batman™ Movie Teaser – Wayne Manor

                                                                                    A movie so big, it needs two videos. Here's another teaser for the #LEGOBatmanMovie

                                                                                    • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                                                      The Joker™ Manor Designer Video - LEGO Batman Movie

                                                                                      Help Batman™, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth™ (in his classic Batsuit) and Nightwing™ regain control of the jokerized Wayne Manor with this massive THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE set!

                                                                                      • THE LEGO® BATMAN™ MOVIE

                                                                                        The LEGO® Batman™ Movie Teaser – Batcave

                                                                                        Get ready for a whole lot of LEGO Batman... Here's a teaser for the #LEGOBatmanMovie

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