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Meet Octi!

Octi is Bubbles’ most prized possession, a cute and cuddly purple stuffed octopus given to her by The Powerpuff Girls™ creator, Professor Utonium.

LEGO® The PowerPuff Girls™ Sets

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      LEGO® The PowerPuff Girls™

      Mojo Jojo Strikes

      Alert the Powerpuff Girls™, Mojo Jojo is trying to steal Townsville’s diamonds in this thrilling LEGO® The Powerpuff Girls 41288 Mojo Jojo Strikes set! Grab one of the tasty ice creams and have a lick before you launch it at Mojo Jojo and his robot. Rotate the camera on the jewelry store and catch them breaking down the wall and stealing the diamonds! Call for backup while you chase after them in their getaway car with Buttercup and Blossom, while Donny the Unicorn takes care of the ice cream stand. Can you catch them before they get away with the jewels?

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        LEGO® The PowerPuff Girls™

        Bubbles' Playground Showdown

        Help the Powerpuff Girls™ defend the Townsville playground from Princess Morbucks in this fun LEGO® The Powerpuff Girls 41287 Bubbles’ Playground Showdown! Climb the ladder and zoom down the rainbow slide before you race to the lunch bench and load up the catapult. Take a spin on the merry-go-round with Bubbles and then tuck Octi into one of the lockers for safety. Put a cell phone into the boombox for some music while you play, but be careful; Princess Morbucks has climbed into her flexible mech suit and is bending down to take aim at you! Who will become leader of the playground?