Top 10 LEGO Christmas Arts and Crafts Gifts

The Top 10 LEGO® Christmas Arts & Crafts Ideas

With the holiday season blowing in, there’s no better time for kids and adults alike to get comfy and cozy with a great arts and crafts project.

These seven LEGO® art sets are packed with rebuildable creativity for bringing out the best in young craft lovers. What will they build?

LEGO Art: Art Project – Create Together

Arts and crafts can make for a whole LEGO party!

Gather friends and family together, pull out the manual, and play together with this LEGO set. With over 4,000 pieces, nine canvas wall décor plates, two unique hanging elements and a tile tool – as well as a buildable color palette for keeping things organized – you’ll be fully equipped for building and rebuilding wild and wonderful art!

The set features nine image options in each of four different themes. Pick images from Food, Patterns, Icons and Interests, then put them together to create one combined art piece – or work together to create a huge image of the iconic LEGO minifigure!

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LEGO DOTS – Pencil Holder

Kids will love this quick craft – made to be easy to assemble, this set builds into a tall, blue-and-black, rocket-shaped pencil holder for interstellar stationery storage.

The design is rebuildable to allow young artists to design it to suit their mood or the décor of a different room. Blast-off! 

The set incorporates an opening front window frame for holding a picture or drawing in place, as well as the space available in the back for keeping pens and pencils organized.

LEGO DOTS Multi Pack – Summer Vibes

Add a bit of summer to the holidays! With these customizable DOTS wearables and room décor items, kids can customize their crafts to suit their mood or the current season all year round. 

Assemble a bracelet, lion bag tag, picture frame with hanging element and a cactus-shaped pencil holder, and then take advantage of the rebuildable creativity by swapping the included tiles and making endless new designs on all the pieces!

LEGO Creator 3in1 – Medieval Castle

This creative LEGO three-in-one set is a great gift for anyone with an eye for the stories of knights and dragons.

Take a trip back in time with the two-floored castle with its opening gate, water mill, prison, king’s room and minifigures – and add a bit of action with the cool dragon toy! 

Then when the castle is done, take it apart and rebuild it into the tower with a catapult, or transform it into a medieval marketplace for a fun new adventure!

LEGO® Art - World Map

Ready to travel the world? Start your adventure with this vibrant World Map art piece. Slow down and spend focused time designing your own vision of the world. Place the continents to fit the world as it is, or customize the oceans to give the map a more personal twist. 

As you build, dive deeper with the Soundtrack and enjoy a unique world tour. Add pins to highlight memories or new places to see!


Dive into a rainbow-colored world of DOTS tiles! Free your imagination and decorate and redecorate your DOTS sets in cool new ways. There are lots of colors and tile shapes to play with. All the tiles work with all the other DOTS sets (sold separately), which lets you change designs whenever and however you like.

Create unlimited patterns and take your crafting to the next level!

LEGO® Classic - Around the World

Take children’s creativity to all corners of the globe with this LEGO® Classic playset. Kids get 15 inspiring build ideas, based on iconic animals and objects from around the world, from an African lion and palm tree to an Australian kangaroo with its cute baby, plus a poster showing the home continent for each build. 

And with 950 LEGO pieces to choose from, kids can build whatever they imagine!

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LEGO Classic – Large Creative Brick Box

Let creativity run wild with this large creative box featuring nearly 800 pieces, including two different-sized green baseplates, three sets of eyes, six tires and six wheel rims – as well as classic LEGO bricks in 33 different colors! 

You can use the ideas included with the set or go online to find new ideas – or come up with something completely original, building everything from animals and LEGO Christmas trees to an entire LEGO Christmas village!

LEGO® DOTS – Creative Designer Box

This kit is perfect for craft fans or creative kids to help them build their art and design skills and develop confidence in building with a range of different LEGO bricks! 

Builders can assemble a desk organizer, two-level standing drawers, a hanging message board, a picture frame and a small tray. And with the colored and alphabet tiles included, kids can add their own designs and messages, or combine the set with other DOTS bricks to come up with a completely unique style.

LEGO Botanicals – Flower Bouquet

Just like the real thing, these flowers are great as a bouquet gift to a loved one or “trimmed” and in a vase. The adjustable stems make decorating with them easy, and this model building kit is great for adults who love to build. 

These flowers, inspired by real plants like roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies and grasses, are made in part from a plant-based plastic produced using sustainably sourced sugarcane. So as well as never needing watering, these plants are friendly to the environment!