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Life at the LEGO Group

We hire for a wide variety of roles and functions and we are always looking for new talent! Hear what some of our people say about their life at the LEGO Group.

Esther Chee

“Working in LEGO, such an international company, is really very interesting 'cause, actually, opposite me there is a Japanese colleague, and over beside me is a Canadian and behind me is a Korean. So imagine we get conversations and conference calls at the same time is really very interesting.”
-Esther Chee, Shopper & Consumer Engagement Manager, Singapore

Li Lin Hu

“Working in Singapore is a very fun experience because you have many colleagues flying in from Denmark, from Germany, from China. Yeah, all parts. So it's really really nice. It's really cosmopolitan over here in the office where we have visitors every week.”
-Li Lin Hu, HR Assistant, Singapore

Nigel Kong

“We're one of those few huge organizations that takes the time to ensure that no matter what we do, we do it to the absolute best possible potential and quality. And, sure enough, we've been doing all this great work and our market share has followed that.”
-Nigel Kong, Senior Shopping & Consumer Engagement Manager, Singapore