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As the LEGO® Group continues its growth in the APAC region, we have an exclusive interview with the new General Manager of LEGO Japan. レゴ・グループがアジア太平洋地域で成長を続けている中、レゴジャパンに新たに就任したに独占インタビューを行いました。

As a new leader for the LEGO Japan business group, how do you see the business of the LEGO Japan office in the next few years? レゴジャパン株式会社の新しいリーダーとして、今後数年間のレゴジャパンの展望を聞かせてください。

In LEGO, we believe in that we are representing a fantastic brand with a product that is quite unique. When children play with LEGO we know that they develop many skills that they simply do not learn anywhere else – When children are having fun and playing they really learn and LEGO is fantastic for this purpose. With this belief, we want to reach as many children in Japan to make a positive difference for these children. We are committed to invest in Japan and we are doing so and with this investment it is essential that we have the best people on board to ensure that we can deliver high growth for LEGO Japan to make a positive difference to children across Japan.


Japan has a very competitive toy industry. What do you see is the key difference between LEGO Group and other Japanese toy makers that sets it apart? 日本は、おもちゃ業界の競争が非常に激しいマーケットです。レゴ・グループを日本の他のおもちゃメーカーと差別化するために、何が最も重要なポイントになるとお考えですか。

LEGO is not just a toy that you buy play with for 15 min and throw in the corner. LEGO you can build first according to the instruction that is very fantastic and funny – but the real magic happens when you take your creation apart and make a big pile of LEGO and start creating using your imagination and creativity. Whatever you build is right and you will feel the true Joy of building and pride of creation – and you can continue doing so over and over again whether you are a child or a little older Jand this will bring children hours of fun and development. Many say that LEGO is expensive but if you use this unlimited way of playing the cost per hour played is probably the lowest in the world of any toy.


You’ve been working at LEGO Group for several years. What do you enjoy the most about working at the LEGO Group? これまでレゴ・グループで働いていて、最も楽しいことは何ですか。

It is unique to be a part of a family owned company where the family has truly allowed professional leaders to run the company and is not interfering. What the owner family does very well is setting the right values for us as a company and I have always enjoyed working with the values and building the business from here. For me personally I enjoy the freedom I have in LEGO to impact my own work (in all positions I have had) and the ability to impact how we are progressing as a company. I have also been so privileged to be working across the world and outside Denmark Japan is my 4. country – which has been extremely exciting and I have learned a lot from this. Yet, most important of all I have always worked with amazing people in LEGO as we are looking for the best people all the time – This simply just allows you to work with tip professionals with the right values constantly.


LEGO Group is turning 100 in 2023. Could you share what does this mean for the future of the LEGO Group and its business in Japan? レゴ・グループは、年に周年を迎えます。これがレゴ・グループの今後と、日本でのビジネスにとってどんな意味を持つとお考えですか。

We are this year celebrating our 85th anniversary and is looking forward towards 2032 where we will be 100 years old J. We are a quite old company yet we are keeping very modern which is quite unique. As a company, we are financially very healthy which is a great foundation to invest further into products and new markets where we can reach even more children that will have the true pleasure of the LEGO play experience. For Japan that means that we will continue to invest and position LEGO in the right way in Japan in the coming many years and we have a very exciting journey ahead of us.