There are definitely spoilers ahead, so if you’re new to Newbury and ghost hunting – stop reading right now! Just kidding, but you can use the color wheel to jump to Season 1 and get up to speed.


  • Parker L. Jackson: Ghost hunter of the century

    Our fearless light orb sharp-shooter/proud cat person is still Jack’s bestie, of course. Nothing could ever change that, could it? PS: Newsflash! Her mad ghost-hunting skills run in the family: her great-great-great-great grandpa was the legendary Vaughn Geist Jackson who – well, just wait till you hear more about him!

  • Hunter status update: Rami

    Rami’s, like, the hottest in sports-themed trick shot videos right now. And Jack’s biggest hero. And he wants to do a collab with Jack! So, of course, Jack’s all like, “YES-PLEASE-THAT-WOULD-BE-AMAZING!” Or, you know, yeah, sure, whatever. This could get interesting…


    J.B. is a master inventor and all-round genius. While her app still helps the team detect and capture ghosts all over Newbury, now she’s been hard at work on some new vehicles that will really change the way they hunt for ghosts.

  • Vaughn G. Jackson: Good ol’ ghost

    Meet Newbury’s original monster hunter/ghost hunter, and Parker’s long-departed great-great-great-great grandpa. He’s still busy fighting evil spirits in the Hidden Side while learning about wonders of modern technology. He still prefers to take down malicious monsters and other awful abominations with his trusted old crossbow.

  • Jack Davids: Always Live

    Jack’s vlog is really starting to take off, and it turns out it’s actually the perfect cover for our team of ghost-hunting heroes because everyone assumes the ghosts are animated. And now super-vlog-star Rami wants to shoot videos together – this is the big break Jack’s been waiting for!


    El Fuego’s story is rad (but also complicated). School groundskeeper turned stuntman, turned ghost-hunter, turned dead, turned undead! Now it’s time to stand back and watch this crazy undead stuntman take his ghost-catching game to all-new levels. Ever since, umm, dying, El Fuego’s life has never been more rad!


    Still adorable, still mostly invisible and still obsessed with bacon. That’s pretty much the story with Spencer. And you know what? Everyone’s OK with that – we like him just the way he is. Did someone say bacon?


  • What is The Maw?

    Eons old, the Maw is your typical gigantic, indestructible creature-type-thing. You know, an insatiable devourer of worlds. It travels in dimensions beyond ours, beyond the Hidden Side, beyond our comprehension, really. We’ve already said too much. Please move along, nothing to see here.

  • Most Wanted Ghosts: Maxine Turbo

    Maxine was born with jet fuel in her veins, which may or may not have contributed to her untimely death in a pretty unfortunate crash. Now, the only thing that flows through her ghostly remains is gloom. (Un)fortunately, that’s never stopped her from having (and causing) a blast at the racetrack.

  • Most Wanted Ghosts: Bart Chaney

    Well, after spending decades alone, peaking through tiny porthole windows of his solitary confinement cell at Newbury Penitentiary, our failed escape artist here is longing for some company. And he’ll do whatever it takes to keep visitors locked inside with him. Forever…

  • Most Wanted Ghosts: Blaze M. Barr

    A former fire-fighter and pyromaniac, Blaze M. Barr was living the dream. No one ever figured out his secret – that he happily started most of those fires he so bravely extinguished in Newbury. Now, as a fire ghost, he can really light up a room with his fiery puns and sarcastic burns!

  • Most Wanted Ghosts: Lady E.

    Yep, she’s still around, and more vengeful than ever! You know she wants to return to Newbury so bad. This time she has an evil plan to capture Jack and force our heroes to open a gateway into the Hidden Side, so that she can escape right into the real world and rule us all. We may have a big problem on our hands, my friend...

  • Most Wanted Ghosts: Kreatoru

    Half deep sea diver, half angler-fish, this contorted creature looks – and is – all kinds of crooked. His enormous suction mouth will make your jaw drop with awe and/or fear and/or disgust. It will latch onto anything and crumple ships, sail boats and submarines like puny soda cans.

  • Most Wanted Ghosts: Trucker Dale

    Well, well, well. What do we have here? It’s Lady E.’s brand-new ghost recruit. Dale crossed into the Hidden Side after accidentally walking in front of a truck – a good reminder to always look both ways before you cross the road! He loves cars and trucks, and he used to steal lots of them when he was still alive. A ghost car thief on a rampage? This is going to be wild!

  • The Harbinger

    Our heroes discover traces of a strange silver-colored ooze that’s neither from our world, nor the Hidden Side. It turns out to be from a mysterious Harbinger with a message from a dimension beyond the Hidden Side: “Sorry, guys, the end of the world is near.” Yeah. It’s not the best of news.

  • Most Wanted Ghosts: Tragico the Clown

    Riddle me this: what floats and is scarier than a clown? You got it – it’s a ghost clown. Ugh! Before he became a ghost, Tragico was a pretty rubbish clown. He really tried, but he just couldn’t make people laugh. Over time, all that clown failure turned into clown anger. Have you ever seen an angry clown? Even worse – an angry ghost clown? It ain’t pretty. Watch out with this one. Really, we’re not being funny.

  • Most Wanted Ghosts: Rat Shaun

    Imagine rats. Lots and lots of rats, trained by a twisted ghost to attack and fight. That’s what you get when you cross paths with Rat Shaun, a former bank robber who escaped into the Newbury sewers as he ran away from the cops, got lost in there, and... never came back to the surface again. Now he haunts the abandoned Newbury subway tunnels. Next stop: Rat Station. We’re not getting off there, no way.

  • Most Wanted Ghosts: Joe Ishmael, Lighthouse Keeper

    Joe’s pretty vile in the Hidden Side, but honestly, he really wasn’t any nicer back in Newbury. He used to be the lighthouse keeper there, and he went completely mad and started switching off the lighthouse on purpose to make ships crash into the cliffs below. Now he’s a massive ghost, as big as the lighthouse itself, with a bad attitude to match. The good news for our heroes is that he has a weakness: his creepy eyes.

  • Most Wanted Ghosts: Harry Cane

    Harry Cane is what happens when a completely insane evil inventor turns into a ghost. Back in the day, Harry was obsessed with finding a way of controlling the weather and turning it into a tool of destruction – you know, devastating hurricanes, horrific lightning storms, that kind of thing. Now that he’s crossed to the Hidden Side, he flies around with his helicopter backpack, glooming up storm clouds to turn them into weapons. Remember to bring your umbrella with you. Just in case.


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