City Fire & Sky Police Team Up for Epic Rescues

Team up and Save LEGO® City!

LEGO® City is protected by the brave heroes of City Sky Police and City Fire! Whenever these mega-brave minifigures team up, nothing can stop them! Two hero teams are better than one, plus it’s twice the fun… What cool missions will your minifigures team up to take on!?

Watch Now – When Ravens Crow: Mini Movie Parts 1 & 2

LEGO® City faces its biggest threat yet! Will the Raven Gang and the crime boss escape justice or will City Fire and Sky Police save the day?

Mission Complete = Epic Handshake

LEGO® City Fire and Sky Police work hard every day to protect the citizens – but even heroes like to have fun! Whenever they complete a successful mission together, they celebrate with an awesome, incredible, EPIC handshake!

How to Do an Epic Handshake

Learn how the City Fire and Sky Police minifigures do their handshakes, and get inspired to create your own! You can learn the Firefighting Fist Bump for City Fire, or the Helicopter High Five for Sky Police! Practice these handshakes, or make up your own with your friends and family.

Epic Handshakes from Kids Like YOU

Watch kids from all over the world do their own awesome, epic handshakes inspired by LEGO® City Fire and Sky Police! Join the fun and share your own handshake on the LEGO Life app!
  • Real Hero Facts!

    Did you know that a fire engine can hold up to 1,000 gallons of water? That’s like drinking 16,000 8oz. cups of water!

  • Real Hero Facts!

    Did you know that skydivers can reach speeds of up to 200 kilometers an hour? That’s about 15 times faster than the average bike ride speed!

Roll Out to the Rescue with LEGO® City Fire and Sky Police Sets

Find the fastest vehicles, coolest minifigures, and best features and functions ever! Click the images to see each set for LEGO® City Fire and Sky Police, and join the mission to protect LEGO City!