Embrace the wild life with LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals

Why does your child love wild animals? It’s not like you can keep an elephant, panda or a lion as a pet… Or CAN you? Find out how you can catch a playful break and embrace the wild life. You might just discover how your child’s imagination can bring your own exotic creatures to life!

Meet Our Wild Ones

From clown fish and monkeys to lions and elephants, from the cold of Antarctica to savannas or tropical jungles – find the perfect playset for your young explorer’s wild imagination.

Six Reasons to Choose LEGO® DUPLO® Sets

  • 1

    Builds creativity

    Anything is possible with the versatile bricks, so play becomes inventive and different every time.

  • 2

    Supports development

    Whether it’s improving grip or recognizing colors, each set is designed to boost key skills.

  • 3

    Captures the imagination

    The interesting themes, such as pets or birthdays, are carefully selected, and appeal to boys and girls.

  • 4

    Meets strict standards

    Each brick is made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, and undergoes a series of rigorous tests before being packed.

  • 5

    It sets the scene for role play

    From builders to pilots, parents to chefs, little ones have the chance to try on a new persona – or ten! Here can they explore their experiences, emotions and identity, while also building strong social skills.

  • 6

    Make play fun!

    The main reason why kids like LEGO® DUPLO®?
    They’re fun!