About Us
Our mission: To inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow


We believe that in order for us to reach our goal of making a positive impact, we must manage our business according to principles and strategies that create value for our stakeholders while continuing to provide children all over the world with high quality and creative play experiences.

We have defined four promises that are integral to our company values and our LEGO® Brand Framework. In living up to our Planet Promise of leaving a positive impact on our planet, we have set targets to ensure we always maintain our focus and reach our short as well as our long term goals.

Committed to United Nations Global Compact
As part of our responsibility strategy, we are an active subscriber to the UN Global Compact and have been so since 2003. We signed the UN Global Compact as the first company in the toy industry. Our participation in the UN Global Compact reflects our commitment to ensuring that the UN Global Compact’s ten principles are integrated into our business operations, conduct and strategies. We embrace and enact values that support human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption.

Each year we publish annual reports concerning our financial- and responsibility performance. Our annual reports provide our stakeholders with information about our approach to responsibility and with transparency of our business conduct.

Responsibility Report
Our Responsibility Report accounts for the LEGO Group’s development and activities and serves as our annual Communication on Progress (COP report) as required by the United Nations Global Compact and in accordance with the statutory statement on Corporate Social Responsibility by the Danish Financial Statements Act.

Our report has been inspired by the principles of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and covers all responsibility activities of the LEGO Group, and it captures our ongoing effort to embed responsibility and sustainability initiatives in our organisational values and strategies.

The 2017 Responsibility Report is split into two parts: our Responsibility Report detailing focus areas and achievements, and the Responsibility Data report containing our non-financial metrics. Both are available here, along with additional supplemental information. 

Previous year’s Responsibility Reports are available for downloading here.