About Us
Our mission: To inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow

We value our employees


Our employees are vital to our success, and we strive to uphold and protect safety, well-being and diversity at the LEGO Group. We work committedly to ensure all employees remain engaged, motivated and safe.

  • We respect the rights of all people, and we want to ensure that all employees are treated with equal respect and dignity.
  • We care for our employees’ safety, and we want to ensure that our employees have the safest working conditions possible.
  • It is important to us that our employees feel motivated and engaged.
  • We see diversity in the workplace as a great opportunity when it comes to adapting and solving global challenges ahead.

Respecting the rights of all people

We respect the rights of all people and in 2013, we launched our Responsibility and Human Rights policy, which reflects our commitment to children, employees and workers in our supply chain and in local communities. We know that every day we have an impact on human beings globally through our products, operations and business relationships, and we focus on mitigating adverse human rights impacts and capitalising on the positive ones. Among other things, we are strongly committed to ensuring that all our employees are treated with equal respect and dignity.

Return home safe from work
Our employees are fundamental to our success, and we want to be sure that they have the safest working conditions possible, so that every day they can return home safe from work. We have set an ambition to remain among the top ten best performing corporations in terms of safety. To live up to this ambition, all employees attend our behaviour-based safety programme, which is just one among several initiatives. Strengthening our safety governance is an ongoing process which is governed by our global health and safety community. We continuously measure our efforts to ensure that we live up to our ambitious goals.

An engaging and motivating place to work
As we continue to experience global growth, we are joined by many new employees each year. It is important to us that everyone at the LEGO Group experiences their workplace as a highly motivating and engaging place to be. For us to live up to employees’ expectations and to continue being a desirable workplace, we annually measure our employees’ level of motivation and satisfaction. This gives management a better understanding of how our employees experience working for us and to get crucial input for making improvements.

Opportunities for all
As we are globalising our company, we see diversity as a great opportunity for solving and adapting to global challenges ahead. We approach gender diversity as the first important milestone for creating a healthy organisation. Our aim is to progress towards our long-term ambition of having a more gender balanced flow of talents contributing to a stronger global organisation.