The LEGO Group

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The LEGO Brand


We are the masters of reinvention. The first brick we made over 60 years ago is as culturally relevant today as it always was (and still fits too!). And that’s because it is only ever one half of the toy. The other half is the child. LEGO play offers the chance of constant discovery – the possibility of creating something new every time.

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Our founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen made his first wooden toy in 1932. He persevered against the odds until his business was a success.

Constantly innovating, never compromising. Building, rebuilding and striving for the best. It is this resilience and permanent sense of renewal that drives us forward. We are never still. We will always be creating, inventing and having fun. We have summed this up into our four Promises.

Picture of Niels B. Christiansen


The LEGO Group’s top management consists of an Executive Leadership Team made up of 10 members and a Board of Directors.
Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and his son Thomas Kirk Kristiansen

The LEGO Group is owned by KIRKBI A/S (75%) and the LEGO Foundation (25%)