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Natural History Museum

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The Insect Collection

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LEGO® Titanic

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About the show

LEGO MASTERS Sweden is back on TV4 and TV4 Play. For eight Saturdays, 16 new LEGO enthusiasts will compete for the prestigious LEGO trophy. Mauri Hermundsson is back as host and LEGO expert Magnus Göransson will act as judge just like last year. The 16 participants from all over Sweden will compete for the prestigious LEGO trophy in eight gas-packed episodes. Just like last year, the participants' constructions will be judged on their creativity but also on how well they can tell a story. In addition, the programme will feature high-profile guest judges throughout the season who will help judge the participants' various creations. LEGO Masters Sweden will premiere on 20 August on TV4 and TV4 Play.

Meet the players

  • The artistic souls

    Names: Björn Berglund | Olle Moquist Ages: 43 | 19 Home towns: Trelleborg | Älvsjö Occupations: Layout artist | Model
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Meet the Cast

  • Mauri Hermundsson

    Mauri became known to the Swedish people through his YouTube channel Uppdrag mat. The channel has over 500,000 subscribers and is thus one of the largest channels in Sweden. This year's Lego Masters Sweden season will be Mauris' third as host and he is more peppered than ever.
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Masters’ Secrets


What TV network is LEGO Masters on?

TV4 & TV4 Play

How many contestants are there on LEGO Masters?

Sverige has eight teams of two.

What’s the prize for winning LEGO Masters?

Large LEGO trophy (TBC SEK) & a ‘massive pile of LEGO bricks’

Who hosts LEGO Masters?

Season 1: David Gustafsson & Rickard Stensby Season 2: Felix Terman & Vidar Olsson

Where can I watch LEGO Masters?

TV4 & TV4 Play

Where is LEGO Masters filmed?


How many seasons of LEGO Masters Sweden are there?

So far, two seasons of LEGO MASTERS Sverige have aired, with Season 3 coming soon.

What is LEGO Masters?

LEGO MASTERS is an amateur LEGO building competition in which pairs of enthusiast LEGO builders compete in a range of creative challenges. Only one team will win the coveted trophy and be crowned LEGO MASTERS!