Last Chance

Off-road Buggy

Creator 3-in-1Creator 3-in-1
Small parts.

3 supercool vehicles in 1 set

Spectacular LEGO® playset gives kids 3 different build-and-play options for enjoying exciting action with vehicles.

Endless LEGO® vehicle action

After an exciting build, kids can enjoy hours of fun being creative and playing out action with 3 different models.

Off-road Buggy

Fast-paced action

The Off-road Buggy has big tyres, a roll cage and a spoiler.

An uplifting experience

The skid loader’s platform goes up and down.

Tackle forests and sand dunes

The ATV is specially built to drive on all terrains.

Great build and fast thrills

This 160-piece playset gives kids a rewarding building experience before they enjoy fast-paced fun with vehicles.

The 3in1 fun never stops!

Kids can enjoy endless play possibilities building 3 different vehicles or using the LEGO® bricks to make their own creations.
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