Message Board

Small parts.

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A canvas to display any message or design

With the LEGO® DOTS Message Board, crafts-loving kids get a creative canvas and the freedom to express themselves endlessly.

Message Board

Limitless imaginative options

This LEGO® DOTS set really lets kids speak their mind.

Created for self-expression

Kids can express their individuality however they like.

Fun and functionality in one

Endlessly reusable board for displaying messages or designs.

Open-ended confidence booster

Inspiration inside helps grow kids’ creativity skills.

Unlimited expressive options

The included tiles offer boundless message possibilities.

Extra-large storage tray

Made to hold, sort and store pieces for easy use and reuse.

Lots of fun possibilities for self-expression

All the LEGO® DOTS arts-and-crafts kits help enhance kids’ creative play (sets sold separately, available at different times).
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