Jay’s Thunder Dragon EVO

Small parts.

Supercool NINJAGO® dragon playset

Ninja fans will love building a bigger dragon as they play out exciting action scenes with their heroes.

Upgrade to win the battle!

Kids have the chance to upgrade both the Thunder Dragon and Jay minifigure to help them defeat the snake warrior Viper Flyer.

Jay’s Thunder Dragon EVO

Upgrade the dragon

Bigger, more powerful wings can be added to the dragon.

Win a reward!

Kids win a Speed banner when they complete their mission.

Includes 2 minifigures

Jay with nunchucks and Viper Flyer with a sword and jetpack.

An action-packed build-and-play experience

This 140-piece NINJAGO® playset lets kids build and upgrade their models as they role-play amazing ninja adventures.

Hours of ninja action

A great gift for youngsters aged 6 and up who love ninja and dragons and creating exciting action with them.
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