Cute Banana Pen Holder

Small parts.

An a-peeling canvas to express creative style

Fruit lovers can create a one-of-a-kind LEGO® DOTS pen holder to fit their room or mood and redesign it freely.

An easy-to-make treat to show off fun designs

Crafts fans can easily assemble the pen holder, then create and recreate their own patterns on a useful item for their space.

Cute Banana Pen Holder

Limitless imaginative options

This LEGO® DOTS set has everything kids need for design fun.

Created for self-expression

An easily adaptable way for kids to express individuality.

Fun and functionality in one

A creative option to keep any desk or room stylishly tidy.

Open-ended confidence booster

Inspiration inside grows kids’ creativity and design skills.

Unlimited expressive options

The included tiles offer endless pattern possibilities.

Portable storage tray

Made to hold, sort and store pieces for easy use and reuse.

Lots of fun ways to boost imaginative design

All the LEGO® DOTS arts-and-crafts kits help enhance kids’ creative play (sets sold separately, available at different times).
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