Ariel's Crystal Cavern

Small parts.

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Treat Disney Junior’s Ariel fans to adventures

Boost play with a fun, learn-to-build LEGO® building toy set for kids aged 4+ with a love for adventure and Disney characters.

Fast build kickstarts kids’ play

Includes a Starter Brick element, plus self-contained builds and a character in each bag, so play can happen fast.

LEGO® ǀ Disney Princess Ariel’s Crystal Cavern

3 LEGO® ǀ Disney characters

Ariel, Ursula and Flounder characters for role-play fun.

Spinning platform

Crystal cavern has a spinning platform with mirror backdrop.

3 extra buildable toy areas

Whale vehicle, shipwreck with treasure chest, potion area.

Share the building fun

Adults can join youngsters and be part of the fun with this building set while encouraging kids to create imaginative stories.

Expand the creativity and play

See other LEGO® ǀ Disney buildable models in the range or LEGO 4+ building sets (all sold separately) to expand kids’ play.
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