6 Awesome LEGO® sets that will throw you back to your childhood

6 awesome LEGO® sets that will throw you back to your childhood

Ahh – remember the glory days of childhood and youth? Those mythical, happy days when worries didn’t exist. Or at least, you can no longer remember what worries you had because you are now…older (sorry). The same goes for TV shows and movies from ‘back in the day’ …we may be inundated with streaming possibilities, but nothing quite lives up to Saturday morning cartoons with a big bowl of your favorite cereal.

It may be rose-tinted thinking, but we at the LEGO Group get our kicks from mining those childhood memories to dig up the power of play for all, including adults. We’ve told you this before, but brick building and LEGO® play is actually really good for you. Add a generous pinch of nostalgia from rediscovering some beloved childhood characters (such as the heart-meltingly adorable Winnie the Pooh set, see below) and you will be transported back to your happy child place in the click of a brick.

Here are some of our fave LEGO sets that blast the nostalgia factor up to max.

Disney Winnie the Pooh

There are as many reasons to love this sweet-as-honey set as there are to love Disney Winnie the Pooh and his lovable friends. You might love the iconic ‘hunny’ pot and beehives with buzzing bees. Or the way Hundred Acre Wood in this LEGO Ideas set opens up to reveal all the adorable details inside.

Maybe it’s seeing the old gang get back together: Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit and the world’s most philosophical, deep and famous bear, Pooh. What a team. Whatever it is that you love about the classic Winnie the Pooh universe, constructing this lovely set is a relaxing build that will bring you back to simpler times when things were just…wholesome.

©Disney. Based on the ”Winnie the Pooh” works by A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard.

123 Sesame Street

We may be biased, but we think that building this homage to the brilliant kids TV show Sesame Street makes Everything A-Okay. All your old buddies are there: Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Ernie and Bert and adorable little Elmo. Plus it’s packed with secret details and Easter eggs, like a picture of the Count (ha-ha-ha), a nod to Mr. Hooper, Big Bird’s skates, the paper clip collection – and the list goes on.

Remember those from the good old days? It’s a challenging but fun build that you could enjoy alone – but be warned, if you have kids, they’ll be all over it.

Sesame Street® and associated characters, trademarks and design elements are owned and licensed by Sesame Workshop. © 2021 Sesame Workshop.  All rights reserved.

Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse

These buildable likenesses of the iconic Disney characters are mega-relaxing to create. Put on some fancy music in the background and watch as they carefully surf the LEGO brick film reel they’re standing on, for a super-iconic look on display in your home.

© Disney

Iron Man Helmet

This iconic bust is a collectible tribute to one of the now much-beloved Marvel heroes that you knew waaaaay before he got ‘cool’. An ‘ironic’ (get it?) funny man, his character showed the world that not all heroes have to be born, some can be built…and still save the day. In all his shiny, red and golden glory, he is the ultimate opportunistic hero that will give your backdrop life while you video conference from home.

Central Perk

So…if you consider Friends to be from your ‘childhood’…you may be slightly more ‘mature’ (cough cough), but age is just a number and the point is, this feel-good show was about good relationships, good times and witty banter! So when it feels like you’re always stuck in second gear, take a seat, grab a coffee and enjoy the build of this LEGO Ideas recreation of the set of the classic TV show.

Memories will come flooding back as you see the minifig versions of Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Gunther…all with their accessories.

FRIENDS and all related characters and elements © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. WB SHIELD: © & ™ WBEI. (s21)

Ghostbusters™ ECTO-1

A must-build for all you original 80s kids out there, as well as those into the sequels. This absolutely phantasmic classic Cadillac ambulance will drive you straight back to your youth.

Detailed and accurate with a Remote Trap Vehicle, the ghost sniffer antennae, a rotating gunner seat and more, this big build will take you headfirst into that other-worldly blend of horror and comedy that makes the Ghostbusters™ franchise so freakin’ awesome.

TM & © 2021 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All rights reserved.

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