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11 Best LEGO® Boat Toys For Kids

Ahoy! Whether it’s sailing the seven seas, exploring shipwrecks or throwing parties on the ocean, ships and boats hold adventures to cover every future sailor’s playtime.

Pick out the most ship-shape LEGO® sets for your crew with these awesome boat toys...

LEGO® Creator 3in1 – Viking Ship and the Midgard Serpent

A ferocious battle ensues between 4 brave Vikings and the menacing Midgard Serpent – and they need your help!

This 1,192-piece set creates a Viking Ship with 8 shields, a ballista stud shooter, a cow and 2 ravens, as well as a posable Midgard serpent. With all this included, all kids need to add is some imagination to put some wind in the sails!

Kids aged 9+ who are passionate about boats or history will absolutely love this feature-packed 3-in-1 playset.

LEGO® City – Water Police Detective Missions

Respond to emergencies on the high seas with this adventure-packed LEGO City Water Police Detective Missions playset!

This playset includes a super-cool toy mission speedboat, a cell for captured crooks, and 4 fun minifigures including Duke DeTain, who kids will recognize from the popular LEGO City Adventures TV series!

Action-loving kids aged 6 and above can become the hero of their own stories with this set, developing their creative and problem-solving skills with digital adventure stories found in the free LEGO Builder app!

LEGO® Friends – Stephanie’s Sailing Adventure

Set sail on a record-breaking adventure to help LEGO Friends Stephanie and her crew on their voyage around the world!

The LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Sailing Adventure playset includes an authentically designed ship with a flexible sail and a wheel that really moves – and if that wasn’t enough there’s also a tablet to call home, a walkie-talkie, a pair of binoculars and so much more!

With 3 LEGO Friends mini-dolls for imaginative role-play, this set really puts kids at the helm of their own adventures.

LEGO® Classic – Creative Ocean Fun

Aquatic adventures await sea creature-loving toddlers with the LEGO Classic Creative Ocean Fun toy playset!

Designed to inspire creative open-ended play, this toy playset is packed to the brim with 333 colorful LEGO pieces and 6 ocean-themed ideas to get started with. This includes a Viking ship, a yellow submarine, an underwater drone, a seahorse, a whale and a turtle.

This set is perfect for introducing kids aged 4 and above to the joy and satisfaction of building their very own LEGO brick builds.

LEGO® Friends – Canal Houseboat

Live life at leisure on the water! Join Mia and her friends as they restore a houseboat and set off down the canal. Sebastian has a paint roller for finishing up a coat of paint – and Mia can pick the vegetables in the garden and sell them on the nearby jetty to raise funds for the work.

Then, when the boat is complete, the side hinges open to reveal a cabin with a kitchen for making cupcakes, as well as a sleeping area, wood-burning stove, gaming station, solar panels and a bathroom. There’s lots to explore!

LEGO® Technic™ – Rescue Hovercraft

Jet off on daring missions in this authentically styled hovercraft! With turning fans, real turning action and a cockpit with seats, it’ll feel just like the real thing as kids aged 8 and up boost to high speeds to save the day. It even features a realistic hovering motion using concealed wheels underneath.

If the hovercraft isn’t enough, rebuild it into a twin-engine aircraft and take to the skies for your next adventure.

LEGO® NINJAGO® Legacy – Final Flight of Destiny’s Bounty

This 147-piece set is a great way for young builders aged 4 and up to start developing their building skills while putting together a super cool ninja playset. There are lots of features for any playtime, from a ship and jet ski to a dragon, complete with moving wings. There’s even a treasure chest for ninjas Kai, Zane and Jay to fight for against the forces of Ghost Ninja Karenn.

Whoever wins, their freedom is at stake – the set comes with an island prison where the losing side can get locked away.

LEGO® Creator 3in1 – Pirate Ship

Prepare for adventures on the high seas – there’s treasure at stake! Join the pirate crew – including one with a peg leg – as they set sail on a ship with moving sails, cannons and an interior cabin. You can lift the roof and sides to continue the play inside.

The set comes with a buildable shark and parrot, as well as a skeleton for that ghost ship feel.

LEGO® Friends – Forest Camper Van and Sailboat

Turn a camping trip into a lake adventure with this camper van and sailboat combo! Transport the boat to the lake on the trailer at the back of the camper van, then take to the water and make some holiday memories. The camper van opens up to reveal a living area inside, and the front roof comes off for easy access to the cab.

The boat itself includes a rudder and movable sail to make it feel like steering a real ship – and there are lots of forest accessories to arrange on shore and spot from the water!

LEGO® Jurassic World – Baryonyx Dinosaur Boat Escape

Trouble at sea – the Baryonyx is loose! Take command of the ship and live out a terrifying dinosaur escape or a mission to recapture it in the dinosaur cage. The control room detaches for easy access to the cargo hold, and the ship has a rotating searchlight for spotting the dinosaur in the water before it stages a surprise attack.

The Baryonyx is posable, and the set comes with accessory elements such as a tranquilizer, a taser and life jackets for creating all sorts of different scenes.

LEGO® Creator 3in1 – Safari Wildlife Tree House

This 3-in-1 set means you can make a boat, a safari tree house or a plane! Need a place to hang out when you get off the boat? The Safari Wildlife Tree House is the perfect place for a seasoned sailor to stow their ship.

With boy and girl minifigures and a camera accessory, it’s the perfect place to snap some quiet jungle shots or kick back and relax at the top of a ladder, safe from the sea or the animals below. Just watch out for the local wildlife: the crocodile and lion are looking hungry! Rebuild the tree house into a biplane or a catamaran with an adjustable sail to get away from them quickly and back to safety.

Then hang out back at the tree house with other wildlife, like the posable giraffe, flamingo and hornbill toys.

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Hydro Bounty

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Cargo Train

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Pirate Ship

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Viking Ship and the Midgard Serpent

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Catamaran Sea Battle

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Stephanie's Sailing Adventure

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