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Your Ticket to Adventure

Perfect for transportation roleplay, the LEGO® City Passenger Train really moves with a motorized engine! Control the train by using the included 10 speed Bluetooth remote control or by connecting to the Powered Up LEGO App on your smart device which also includes train sound effects. Builders of all ages will enjoy the different train cars and be inspired to start their own adventure!
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Passenger Train

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Price1699,00 kr
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Hogwarts™ Express

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Price999,00 kr
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Steam Train

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Train Bridge and Tracks

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Price339,00 kr

Track Your Journey

Create the ultimate LEGO® City Train adventure with train tracks that enhance and add functionality to LEGO City Train sets. Builders can use the flexible and sturdy Tracks to travel near and far – and the Switch Tracks connect curved train tracks which make it easy to create complex train routs for exciting journeys all over LEGO® City. How many new routes will your builder create with these tracks?
With the LEGO® City Switch Tracks set (60238), hauling or carrying passengers just got more exciting. Comprised of 4 curved tracks and a right-facing and left-facing switch track, this set is compatible with all other existing train sets your kids have at home.

Load up the Train Cars

With the LEGO® City Cargo Train, hauling supplies is not just easy, it’s fun – and with a motorized engine and a 10-speed Bluetooth remote control, this Cargo Train really moves! Builders can load the train containers with the fully functional crane wagon featuring a rotating and extendable boom arm, and use the minifgures to play out imaginative travel scenarios!

App-Controlled LEGO® City Train Set-Up Tutorial

Go from builder to conductor! With the LEGO® Smarthub, an electronic system brick that uses battery power to add moving functions to your LEGO City Trains, you can use your smart device to remotely control your trains, and even add train sound effects! Find out how with this quick easy video tutorial.

Remote Controlled LEGO® City Train Set-Up Tutorial

The LEGO® City Trains run on time, with motorized engine functions and remote-control features that get them where they’re going fast! Learn how to set up the Remote Controlled LEGO® City Train with this helpful video tutorial. You’ll learn how to set up your controller and train step-by-step.

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