How to plan a themed LEGO® birthday party

How to plan a themed LEGO® birthday party

Who doesn’t love a birthday? A special day for a special person that everyone gets to enjoy! But a really good birthday doesn’t have to start and end on the actual day. With LEGO® bricks, you can ‘build’ on the fun and activities and make the good times go on for longer! Here are the three steps for making a great LEGO birthday; before, during and after the day.
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Choosing the theme

Start up by choosing a theme for the birthday, together with the birthday person. What are they into; sci-fi, or hunting for treasure? Cars & vehicles or music? Check out all the great LEGO® themes if you need some inspiration. You can also just pick and choose a theme of your own that allows you to dive into your tubs of LEGO bricks…Mermaids in the Wild West? Why not?


So, now you need to get creative and decorative. This is why we recommend that you get all hands on deck and get the kids to help create the birthday fun together. The great thing about LEGO® birthdays is that you can really customize the party table and room in any way you like; with a centerpiece, name tags, LEGO confetti, the list goes on. Obviously, you could stick to the theme you chose…but equally cool is to freestyle a little and just make some awesome decorative builds to make a truly eclectic and bricktacular table! You could also construct some festive functional builds too, for holding flowers, cutlery, straws etc. We have made three tables to inspire you, but as they say… the only limit is your imagination!

Table 1: Va-va-vroom!

Take what they love the most, and brick it to life! Picking a theme like vehicles is a great way to encourage creativity, because there’s an almost limitless number of ways you can pick up that concept and run with it. (Or, rather, drive with it… sorry)

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Table 2: Full of personality, full of color, full of fun!

It’s their birthday... so it makes sense we pay tribute to them, right? Have fun with naming, as well as creating accessories like napkin holders and little mini-presents – just to keep everything on theme.

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Table 3: Collaboration for the nation

An open centerpiece such as this one provides a great outlet for kids who may-or-may-not-be looking for something to do with their cake-induced sugar rush. Building up this centerpiece with spare LEGO bricks is a perfect way to keep kids creative, occupied… and (relatively) still!

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Birthday Invitations

Once you have picked an overall theme, you might need to invite some buddies to come and celebrate the birthday. In which case, we’ve got you! Here are a few cool, easy-to-print invitations that you can use, or you can create your own with some of these design elements. If you want to invite your friends & family by email, there are a few animations you can use. Check them out here.