11002 Basic Brick Set | Building Instructions | LEGO Classic

Building instructions - 11002 LEGO® Basic Brick Set

Enjoy timeless adventures with the LEGO® Classic Basic Brick Set. Meet a knight on horseback and a friendly dinosaur. Perform stunts in a cool monster truck or take to the skies in a classic propeller plane. Create a cute dog, bird in a birdhouse or whatever you can imagine with these bright and colorful LEGO bricks, wheels and eyes! You can dream it, build it and play it with LEGO Classic building sets.

Monster Truck

Big wheels, bright red bodywork… The monster truck of your kids’ dreams is now at their fingertips with these free building instructions and the pieces from the 11002 LEGO® Classic Basic Brick Set. Watch them leap over obstacles, practice monster backflips, and crush the competition — or build up friendships as they gather a troupe of the meanest monster trucks in town for a rubber-burning road trip.

Bird House

This little yellow fellow needs a place to sleep, chirp, and hang out in between flying adventures. Kids can build it a home, complete with its own garden patch and a little roof for a rainy day! Help them with these free building instructions and light up their imagination with pieces and elements from the 11002 LEGO® Classic Basic Brick Set. This could be the start of a wonderful animal city!

Knight and Horse

Help your kids build a knight and horse with pieces from the 11002 LEGO® Classic Basic Brick Set and this free building instruction guide, and send them off on a wild dragon chase. That shining armor, helmet, and shield look suitable for any occasion, realm, and adventure, so be ready to hear some seriously amazing stories when they come back!


Ideal for little green thumbs! Use pieces from the 11002 LEGO® Classic Basic Brick Set and help your kids put together a beautiful flower with these free building instructions. This flower has colorful petals and a blue and purple flower pot. Encourage your little botanists to add pieces from their own LEGO collection and create an amazing garden only they can dream of!

Propeller Airplane

Do your kids know that some airplanes can land on water? Use these free and easy instructions and pieces from the 11002 LEGO® Classic Basic Brick Set to help your kids build a versatile little puddle-jumper, complete with rotating propeller and a set of floats to make it capable of taking off and landing from fantasy lakes and rivers, make-believe grass fields, and the most amazing airports your children can dream up. Where will they travel to? Just think of the stories they’ll bring back!

Dog and Bone

Help your kids turn the pieces from their 11002 LEGO® Classic Basic Brick Set into the perfect puppy, complete with big, play-with-me eyes, floppy ears, and a delicious bone. First, they build the dog, then they can pick the name! Get the free building instructions right here and watch their creativity grow as they build their very own pet.


With its big eyes, colorful back plates, and chunky, stumpy legs, your kids will love to build this friendly Stegosaurus and take it on a wild prehistoric ride. They can easily put it together following these free step-by-step instructions and pieces from the 11002 LEGO® Classic Basic Brick Set. Friendly tip? Encourage your kids to mix and match elements from their very own LEGO collection and dream up a totally new dinosaur species!