The Next Giant Leap Starts Today

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the historic NASA Moon Landing. LEGO® City Space sets help kids celebrate past space accomplishments and look forward to future goals. Space is the perfect place for play – it’s full of mystery and action with infinite room for story-telling, roleplay and creativity. Together, let’s help the next generation of space explorers reach the stars and beyond!

Start the Countdown to Adventure

The LEGO® Deep Space Rocket is full of amazing play experiences. With the rocket standing boldly on the launch pad, kids love being in charge of their minifigure team on the ground and in Launch Control. When all systems are “go for launch,” start the real countdown clock and get ready for lift off!

Join the Team

Astronauts would never get off the ground, let alone into space, without the help of talented scientists, dedicated ground crew and quick-thinking mission leaders. LEGO® City Space lets boys and girls roleplay in a wide variety of roles to ensure a successful mission, start to finish!

Next Stop: The Surface of Mars!

Being a Mars Explorer is serious business, but it’s also really fun! There’s a full range of cool vehicles to help LEGO® City astronauts explore the Red Planet. Kids can scout the area from above using the helidrone then call in the rover to collect valuable geodes. Did someone spot a dust storm? Quick, load everything back in the shuttle for a quick escape!

City Space Sets

Be Part of the Pre-Launch Excitement

It’s Launch Day and LEGO® City is buzzing with activity. Full of realistic details, the LEGO Rocket Assembly & Transport set is all about teamwork. Kids can play out all the final launch preparations – from attaching the command module to loading the rover – before blasting the rocket towards its next exciting mission!

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