LEGO® City Police Helicopter

LEGO® City Police Helicopter playsets

From reconnaissance helicopters with magnetic hoists to ripcord helicopters that really fly, LEGO® City Police Helicopter toys bring an air of excitement to kids’ play.

The ultimate car chase

When officers on the ground need a helping hand, the LEGO® City Police send in air support. Cool helicopters piloted by everyday heroes for soaring action and adventure.
Check out these Police Helicopter building sets – available for boys and girls aged 4 and up.

To the chopper!

Kids love to play out action-packed car chases, especially when it involves a cool police helicopter they can launch into the air.

Watch this video to see it fly!

Setting imaginations free

It’s the classic tale of good vs evil… amazingly entertaining. Awesome stories created by kids – inspired by LEGO® City!

Building toys that help build kids’ skills

LEGO® City playsets help build kids’ creative skills and confidence as they experience the joy of constructing and playing with their own LEGO toys.

Magnetic helicopter chain!

Kids can hook up fleeing crooks and fly them directly to the LEGO® City jail with this cool helicopter chain.

Get ready for lift-off!

Kids can have fun launching LEGO® City ripcord helicopters, and their pilots, high into the air.

High-flying building toys for action kids

LEGO® City Police Helicopter playsets make an ideal Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday or any-other-day gift for boys and girls aged 4 and up.