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Vehicle Toys | LEGO® City

Get Behind the Wheel of LEGO® City Great Vehicles!

From harvesters to construction vehicles to the familiar garbage truck that cleans up the neighborhood, kids grow up surrounded by big impressive vehicles. Activate their imagination and play with LEGO® City Great Vehicles! With amazing features like stud shooters, vehicle suspension and realistic hydraulic lifts and loaders, every car enthusiast will find the perfect build for them in this theme!

Take Out the Trash

The 60220 LEGO City Garbage Truck is the perfect beginner build for kids ages 4+. This set features a cool tilting container and is built using a Starter Brick base. The Starter Brick allows beginner builders to quickly put together a fun set they can immediately begin playing with. Young builders will increase their building confidence and soon be ready for more advanced builds.

Cover the Slopes with Snow

Before kids hit the brick-built slopes, they need the 60222 LEGO City Snow Groomer to get the mountains ready for skiers and snowboarders! Children can use the snow cannon to fill the hills with white snow element bricks, by turning the knob to fire snow studs and swiveling the cannon for even coverage. Then, using the front loader, kids can sweep up the snow!

Explore the Sea

The 60221 LEGO® City Diving Yacht is awash with adventures! Kids can dive underwater for sunken treasure, use the video camera to record a swimming swordfish, or enjoy the sun on board the yacht. Roleplay awesome aquatic play scenarios with this fun, detailed set!

Cool Construction Equipment

Kids will love and easily recognize this quick-to-build 60219 LEGO® City Construction Loader. With a bustling LEGO City they add bricks to every day, they’ll need some construction equipment to keep things running smoothly. Raise the front arm of the front-end loader and tilt the bucket to release the bricks while the construction minifigure operates from safely inside the roll cage. What big building project will this vehicle inspire?

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