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Fire Toys | LEGO City

LEGO City Fire

Teach kids fire safety, roleplay fun adventures, and explore cool features all within one theme –LEGO City Fire! The familiar looking Fire Engines, helicopters and motor bikes have working functions like water pumps or flashing lights and detailed minifigures and locations will inspire kids’ playful storytelling.

LEGO City Fire sets

Building Made Fun for Beginners

Young builders aged 4+ will enjoy playing with the 60612 LEGO City Barbecue Burn Out. The car chassis is created using a starter brick, and kids can add on extra bricks and pieces to make the build come alive while gaining the confidence to play with more LEGO sets – including bigger City Fire sets.

Sound the Alarm & Flash the Lights

Sound the alarm with the brand-new light and sound brick in LEGO City Fire! This cool brick is included in the 60215 LEGO City Fire Station and 60216 LEGO City Downtown Fire Brigade sets and will add detailed realism to roleplay and creative building for kids. To use the function, press the button in the middle of the brick to start the flashing lights and siren sound effect.

Fight Fire with the Water Pump

You can’t fight fires in LEGO City without water, and kids will love the new water pump feature available within selected sets in the LEGO City Fire theme! Find it in the 60216 LEGO City Downtown Fire Brigade and 60214 LEGO City Burger Bar Fire Rescue sets to add inspirational realism to your child’s firefighting roleplay!

Burger Bar Fire Rescure

The Burger Bar is on fire! The LEGO City firefighters must act quickly or else lose their favorite lunchtime spot. Luckily, City Fire is equipped with the new water pump function. Hit the flames and knock down the toppling fire elements to put out the fire before those burgers burn!

Put Out Fires like a Pro

When fires in LEGO City really heat up, the LEGO City Fire department depends on the special water stud-shooting fire hose to put out fiery flames from a distance. Kids can roleplay being real firefighting heroes when they aim the water stud shooters and cool off that fire! Find this cool function in the 60215 LEGO City Fire Station

Downtown Flaming Fire Rescue

Kids will be excited and inspired by the detailed storytelling within the 60216 LEGO City Downtown Fire Brigade set! When construction workers accidentally knock over a lamp post with a porta potty on a crane, it starts a blazing electrical fire at the worksite where fire elements pop-up! The trained LEGO City firefighters can use their water pump to knock down the flames and put out the fire. Build, roleplay and save the day with this impressive set!
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Aerial Firefighting in the Fire Plane

Fires aren’t just a danger to LEGO® City, they also impact wildlife and nature in the forests nearby. Kids can build the 60217 LEGO City Fire Plane, load up the airplane with plenty of water bricks, and unload the water-element bricks over large-scale fires to stop flames in their tracks!

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