Play safe online

Two small creatures built in LEGO bricks looking at devices
Here’s 6 super simple tips to keep children safe online and learn to be good digital citizens. Why not go through them together?
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Beat the bullies

By talking to someone you trust, and support others who might be suffering. It makes a real difference!
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Check friend requests

Because some people pretend to be someone they’re not. Check their profiles to see who and what you have in common, and never feel pressured to accept.
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Think before you send

Because sharing embarrassing stories or photos, or using some else’s phone or account, can be really hurtful. And once it’s up, it’s almost impossible to take down.
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Think before you share your address and phone number

Never share bank details or passwords. And check your privacy settings so strangers can’t see your information or location.
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Report it!

If a post or photo upsets you, it may be against community standards and you can report it. And most platforms let you block a person so they can’t contact or message you.
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Don’t keep it to yourself

if you’re worried or something’s happened to you online, don’t hesitate. Speak to an adult or visit Child Helpline International for help in your area.
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Build & Talk with your child

Fun, free activities to talk about online safety