What is a LEGO® toy car?

LEGO® cars are toy cars for kids of all ages – everywhere. Every LEGO car is powered by creativity and imagination. It’s built for racing, roaring, adventuring or exploring any place, planet, universe or galaxy you can imagine. You can use any wheels and bricks and turn them into your own unique custom vehicle for any story, purpose or age. Explore this page to find yours!

Featured Cars

Where do you start when you’re on the lookout for a cool/unique/big/small toy car? We have featured some of our most popular categories here. Are you feeling the need for speed? Try Race Cars or Motorbikes. Do you love classic cars? Travel back in time with our Vintage cars. Looking for a little more muscle? Go exploring with our 4x4 Off-Roads or Trucks.

Newest Cars

Go car shopping and find all the latest LEGO® car sets from every theme. You can’t test drive them here, but apart from that, you can find out just about everything you need to know about every set. Hit a button to go directly to your online LEGO Shop for details about age marking, price, number of elements, product details, functions and features.

LEGO® Toy Cars by Age

Follow our complete age-by-age guide to find the perfect toy car for boys and girls of any age – from 1½ to 100+! You’re (almost) never too young to start playing with cars, and you’re certainly never too old. Looking for a gift for your toddler? A cool construction toy car for a preschooler? A challenging building experience or a collector toy car? Choose an age group to browse for your next set.

LEGO® Cars by Themes

Get caught up on what minifigures are driving in Heartlake City, LEGO® City or the NINJAGO® world these days. Are the LEGO Marvel and DC Super Heroes upgrading their rides? Which race cars will win the next Speed Champions race? Find new favorite cars for everyone – from your toddler’s first LEGO DUPLO car to the biggest LEGO Technic™ cars!

Popular LEGO® Toy Car Videos

Speaking of adventures on wheels… Have you watched the latest videos featuring these awesome vehicles and cool cars? Watch the latest record-breaking crashes, behind-the-scenes fun and challenges, mini movies and animations. And please, feel free to try it all at home – but make sure all bystanders, pets and property are properly warned and/or protected…

Why We Love Toy Cars

Toy cars are always in style. They have been around, if not since the invention of the wheel, then at least since the invention of the car! Since the first LEGO® wheel rolled off the production lines in 1962, billions of LEGO race cars, vans, trucks, fantasy vehicles, motorcycles, and buggies have been built and rebuilt around the world. Car designs may have changed over the years, but toy cars are something boys and girls, moms and dads, and grandparents can all relate to and play with together. It really is a toy for kids of all ages.


Every car has its own stories to tell. When you look at a car, you can instantly imagine where and how you would want to drive it. Or if you first imagine where you would like to go, you can start designing a car or vehicle that will take you there. That’s why toy cars will always continue to inspire our creativity and curiosity. So what are you waiting for? Get behind your creativity wheel and start your imagination engines!