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NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

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Meet Dr. Kathy Sullivan

The first American woman to complete a spacewalk in 1984, former NASA Astronaut Kathy Sullivan joined the team on the Space Shuttle Discovery and went on to participate in the mission to deploy the Hubble Space Telescope in 1990. Today Dr. Sullivan works to help break down barriers here on earth and encourage kids, and especially girls, to consider careers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

Amazing out-of-this-world details

Star power

Open the payload bay to deploy the Hubble Telescope.

Mission control

Engage the landing gear and deploy the robotic arm.

Command module

Cockpit opens to reveal flight deck with crew seating.

Galaxy in motion

Hubble features movable solar panels and an aperture door.

Space walk

Display the shuttle and telescope individually or together.

Need a lift

Turn the centre engine to make the lift move.

Take imagination to new heights

Featuring 2,354 pieces, this engaging new set lets you build not just a Shuttle, but the legendary Hubble Space Telescope too.

A new star in the LEGO® NASA galaxy

Add the new Space Shuttle Discovery to your LEGO® space collection.

The Hubble Space Telescope

A collaboration between NASA and the European Space Agency, Hubble has captured images from over 5,000 galaxies, many as far as 13.2 billion light years away.

5,830 orbits. 239 790 000 km.

Discovery flew more missions than any other shuttle, deploying the Hubble Space Telescope and helping to build the International Space Station, too.

Celebrate the wonders of space with this LEGO® NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) model building set for adults. With 2,354 pieces, this engaging challenge lets you build the Space Shuttle Discovery, plus the Hubble Space Telescope, launched on NASA’s STS-31 mission in 1990.

An astronaut’s view
Packed with features, this build marks the amazing accomplishments of Discovery. Open the payload bay to deploy the Hubble Telescope on its mission to explore the cosmos. Adjust the elevons, engage the landing gear on reentry and deploy the robotic arm. The cockpit opens to reveal flight and mid-decks with seats for 5 crew members. The telescope features movable solar panels and an aperture door. The multiple display stands let you display the space shuttle model and telescope individually or together.

A building project for you
The LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) set is part of a series of buildable models for adults, offering an escape from everyday life with display pieces to admire.

  • Take a journey of exploration with this LEGO® NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) model building kit for adults.
  • Enjoy hours of immersive building as you create both the Space Shuttle Discovery and the Hubble Space Telescope from NASA’s 1990 STS-31 mission.
  • Check out all the authentic features, including the opening payload bay, retractable landing gear, opening cockpit, moving elevons, space arm, plus 5 seats for the crew.
  • The Hubble Space Telescope LEGO® build features movable solar panels and a hatch door, just like on the real thing.
  • Looking for the best gifts for adults who love a creative project? This space shuttle model will appeal to space enthusiasts and anyone wanting an immersive building challenge, making it a great gift.
  • Comes with coffee-table-style instructions that include inspirational design details. With multiple display stands, this space shuttle model makes an eye-catching centrepiece for the home or office.
  • The shuttle model measures over 8.5 in. (21 cm) high, 21 in. (54 cm) long and 13.5 in. (34 cm) wide, making it the perfect size to display.
  • This space shuttle model is from a series of collectible building kits designed for adult LEGO® fans who appreciate good design – perfect if you’re looking for top gifts for adults who love to build.
  • LEGO® building bricks are manufactured from high-quality materials. They’re consistent, compatible and connect and pull apart easily every time – it’s been that way since 1958.
  • With LEGO® pieces, safety and quality come first. That’s why they’re rigorously tested so you can be sure that the model is as robust as it is beautiful.
Building Instructions
NASA Space Shuttle Discovery