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International Space Station

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15 nations. One out-of-this-world achievement.

Build a legend with the exclusive new LEGO International Space Station.
For over 20 years, the International Space Station has welcomed co-operation from different nations to achieve common goals that benefit all mankind. The largest spacecraft ever built, it continues to unlock discoveries not possible on Earth, and to push the boundaries of human space exploration further than ever before.

Deploy a satellite

Use a robotic arm to launch a satellite into orbit.

Dock with the shuttle

Bring in the next crew of astronauts.

Schedule a spacewalk

Send the microfigure out to perform repairs.

Destination: discovery

Get lost in space and build a piece of history with the LEGO® Ideas ISS.

A generation of exploration

Celebrate 20 years of the ISS with this exclusive new LEGO® Ideas set.

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Meet the Fan Designer, Christoph Ruge

A longtime LEGO fan and builder, Christoph has a passion for space. His ISS was embraced by the fan community and selected as the perfect set to celebrate the 10th anniversary of LEGO® Ideas.

Build and display this spectacular LEGO® Ideas 21321 ISS (International Space Station). Packed with authentic ISS details, including a posable Canadarm2 and 2 rotating joints that coincide with 8 adjustable ‘solar panels’, this 864-piece set is a wonderful gift idea for space enthusiasts, adult LEGO fans or any experienced builder.

Beautiful centerpiece
This awesome LEGO spaceship model comes with a display stand, a buildable mini NASA space shuttle and 3 mini cargo spacecrafts, plus 2 astronaut microfigures to create a striking centerpiece in any room. Illustrated instructions are included, plus a 148-page booklet with fascinating ISS facts and information about the LEGO fan who created this space model kit and its LEGO designer.

Amazing ideas!
The infinitely diverse array of LEGO Ideas sets are all created by LEGO fans and voted for by LEGO fans. Inspired by real life, action heroes, iconic movies, popular TV series or totally original concepts, there is something to delightall ages.

Building Instructions
International Space Station